Sister Wives Star Gabe Gets Into Trouble – Who Does He Call?

Sister WivesSister Wives spoilers for Season 17 have not yet revealed anything about Gabe Brown, the son of Kody and Janelle. However, there’s a good chance that TLC fans will see him in the show because his mom still lives in Flagstaff. Gabe and Garrison were both featured in Season 15 and 16 so fans keep an eye on them. Now that Gabe ran into a spot of trouble, who did he call? Did Kody rush out to lend a hand? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives Star Gabe Brown Clashed With Kody

Two seasons ago, fans saw that Janelle started to cross swords with Kody and his over-the-top covid response. Recall, Kody wanted Gabe to stop seeing his girlfriend. Plus, he wanted Garrison to stop going to work. Of course, their mom explained on Twitter that there’s no way she could gate her two adult sons. Then in Season 16, Gabe was over it all and he slammed his dad for busting up the family. So, fans cheered.

In the meantime, Sister Wives fans saw that Garrison wasn’t holding a candle for his dad either. Fortunately, he stuck with his job and saved the money he needed for his own home. These days, he enjoys life with his cat and probably sees a lot of his mom and his little sister, Savanah. Actually, fans suspect that he might also help his mom start preparations on her Coyote Pass property. Maybe, fans who watch Season 17 will see if Gabe and Garrison made things up with their dad

Sister Wives – Gabe Ran Into Trouble – Kody Brown Didn’t Turn Up

When Janelle took to her Instagram this week, she revealed that Gabe had “hit something in the road.” And, it wasn’t Kody who arrived to help out. In the photo, the TLC star revealed that Garrison rushed to help out. So, she’s a proud mama. Her caption added, “It does a mama’s heart good to know she raised boys willing to help out – even each other.”

Sister Wives Star Gabe Gets Into Trouble Who Does He Call
Janelle Brown / Instagram

Clearly, the Sister Wives kids are good with their hands. Janelle talked about how Gabe had “stripped a lug nut.” Probably, it’s just as well that Garrison arrived. After all, Janelle didn’t need to do anything other than be “a cheerleader.” Did Gabe call his dad? Fans might never find out, but obviously, he thinks of his own immediate family when he needs to call for help. And this time, he didn’t need his absentee dad.

Sister Wives – Rainy Weather

Some Sister Wives fans who live in Flagstaff noticed that Janelle also mentioned that it was raining when Gabe needed help. One of them commented, “That’s so amazing!! Glad Gabe is ok. This rain today has been wild!!! Downtown Flag lost power, so much flooding everywhere too!”

Certainly, it seems that the two brothers would do just about anything for each other. Gabe Brown seems lucky to have a brother who’s got his back. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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