Sister Wives Spoilers: Why Is Kody Brown Never Held Accountable On Camera?

Sister WivesSister Wives spoilers reveal that fans of the show have gotten pretty fired up about Kody Brown‘s behavior on the show. These fans are ready for TLC to finally hold him accountable for his actions. There is a clip in the new trailer that is a prime example of how he acts and how no one ever calls him out. It is clear in this clip when he shows just how angry he has gotten with Christine Brown. The way he is acting stems from her leaving the marriage, but his anger is horrifying. Some fans feel that he may have anger management issues and they are worried that it could get worse.

Sister Wives  – The Shock Of A Lifetime

When season 16 ended, we all found out that Christine was leaving the family. This shocked all of us, including the Browns. Christine told Kody that she had been unhappy for years and now it was time for her to be happy. She did tell Kody that they could be friends again, but we all know that this will take a lot of time and effort on both their parts. When Christine told Kody that she was unhappy, he claimed that he had never seen this side of her and he was shocked. The other wives were shocked as well. Meri Brown, even though Kody never shows her love, said that she is at peace when she thinks about her role in the family.

The sister wives all have varying opinions on what happened with Christine and Robyn Brown’s opinion is probably the most shocking and some fans think shows that she is brainwashed. She told the cameras that Christine never even tried to make her marriage work.

Sister Wives  – Kody Brown’s Actions

When Christine tells Kody that she is done, he immediately tries to stop her from leaving the marriage and he gets very angry with her and then takes it out on his other wives as well. Fans of the show were quick to start in on his behavior. One fan wrote on Reddit, “Why do none of the wives, kids, or TLC’s production staff ask Jody any direct questions about his behaviors?? In every situation, no one questions him, so of course, he thinks he does no wrong.”

Fans are ready for Kody to be held accountable for his actions and maybe this will be the season where it happens, but fans aren’t holding their breath.

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