Days Of Our Lives’ Brandon Barash Wasn’t Shocked To Be Stefan Again

Brandon BarashDays of Our Lives spoilers reveal the resurrection of Stefan O. DiMera as the dead character is now alive again and wants to get back to his wife.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – A Sense Of Deja Vu

Just because Stefan has been dead for a few years didn’t mean that DAYS fans had to miss Barash. He’s been right there almost the entire time playing Jake DiMera, Stefan’s long-lost twin brother. In fact, it’s Jake’s heart that Stefan now has and that is how he came back to life.

When Barash heard the news that Jake was being killed and he would get to play Stefan again, he said it was quite surprising, but also quite expected.

“I felt like Jake had lost his way,” Barash said in the August 30, 2022, issue of Soap Opera Digest. “His storyline just kind of stopped. I took that as either they didn’t know what to do with me or they were going to get rid of the character. So when Albert Alaar [co-executive producer] called me he said, ‘Don’t worry, you don’t have to sit down for this call but we’re killing Jake off,’ I knew exactly where they were going.”

DOOL Spoilers – Brandon Barash Is Happy Stefan DiMera Is Back

When Barash learned the news about Jake on Days of Our Lives, he wasn’t saddened by it and pretty much expected that Stefan would be back. The actor has played Jake longer than he played Stefan but also felt Stefan wasn’t done when he was killed off.

“It’s nice getting back into playing Stefan,” Barash said. “It took a while to realize that not even the slightest hint of Jake could be in Stefan’s speech pattern. That’s when it was really fun. It was tangible, the difference I could feel between the two characters.”

There’s one thing about Stefan that was different from Jake that Barash really missed and that was how cerebral he was. “Jake could never sit still,” he told Digest. “He always had to be doing something, touching something or messing with something. Stefan is a very still being. He doesn’t waste energy anywhere. That was really fun to rediscover.”

So, what will happen with Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) now that Stefan is back? It doesn’t look like it’s going to be an easy ride for anyone involved with this story at all. Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives weekdays to see what happens next.

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