Sister Wives Spoilers: The Strange Coincidence Spotted By Fans

Sister WivesSister Wives spoilers reveal that there has been a strange coincidence happening on the show that has been spotted by viewers and now they are slamming Robyn Brown about it. What have fans noticed? Read more to find out.

Sister Wives – Eagle-Eyed Fans Share The Coincidences

Sister Wives has a lot of diehard viewers and they are ready to show off just what they have noticed in the seventeen seasons of the show. This time around, they are pointing the finger at Robyn. Robyn and Kody Brown were legally married in 2014 and Kody has been closer to her than any of his other wives. In fact, Meri Brown, legally divorce Kody so that he could legally marry Robyn. Fans immediately noticed how this affected Meri and just knew that this would be their downfall.

Meri and Kody’s issue may have started with Robyn, but as fans watch back on episodes, it seems that she is the reason behind a lot of other issues and now fans of the show have started to point this out to her. These fans have not been kind to Robyn and now Reddit users have brought up more of these issues.

Sister Wives – What Has Robyn Brown Caused?

Being the root of the Brown family’s problems isn’t easy for anyone and now fans see that everything is Robyn’s fault, or at least that’s what they think. One Reddit user wrote that there are many coincidences that have been on the show and it just looks as if Robyn is responsible for all of them. One wrote, “I’m doing a rewatch and I forgot Christine mentioned this all the way back in season three. This proves there has been unhappiness for her in the last ten years or so.” They shared clips from the show and in them, Christine said, “I don’t think Kody’s very equal with his time.” Then another clip where she said, “I think he caters to Robyn, Robyn’s needs.”

It is clear that Christine has been very open about her feelings toward Kody and Robyn’s relationship and now we have seen at least four different scenes, in other seasons where she was clear about it. Kody has never noticed this and it makes us all realize that he has one wife on his mind.

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