Sister Wives Spoilers: Is Kody Letting His Anger Get The Best Of Him?

Sister WivesSister Wives Spoilers reveal that Kody Brown has had anger problems ever since he found out Christine Brown through his stuff out of her house. Christine has not been happy with Kody for years and she finally decided to leave. Kody says he was the last to know and didn’t want any of this. Is Kody overreacting to not getting his way?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Mykelti Padron Organizes A Goodbye

Sister Wives spoilers indicate that Mykelti Padron, Christine’s daughter, insisted on calling the family over to say goodbye. Christine wanted no part of this and told Mykelti she had nothing planned. However, Christine or the rest of the family’s feelings didn’t matter. Kody was so annoyed when he got there that he vowed to stay five minutes and no more.

The whole goodbye scene was awkward because no one wanted to be there. Christine’s family was in one spot, Robyn Brown’s family was in another spot, and Janelle Brown’s family was in another spot. The only people who really wanted to be there were Janelle and her family. Meri Brown was nowhere around and probably wouldn’t have gotten through this moment very well. Meris is not happy with Christine.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown’s Hostility Is Beyond Control

Kody’s hostility is getting out of hand. Kody is mad over Christine leaving. Kody is mad over Janelle’s support of Christine. Kody goes as far as to say he never wants to see Christine again. Kody had no intention of staying when he arrived. Fans have to wonder why Kody even came to say goodbye in the first place.

Kody tries to get Truly to admit that she isn’t happy. Truly says she is fine with the move. Truly is fine with the divorce. Robyn claims that it is devastating. It seems that everyone believes that Christine is breaking up the family. However, are there not three other wives? Christine was not happy and has not been happy. Why is Christine the only one to blame?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown Claims He Didn’t Love Christine Brown

Kody has claimed that he was intimate with Christine out of obligation. Kody says he didn’t love Christine and she didn’t love him. However, Christine was there for 27 years. Christine had this man’s children. Christine helped raise all of these kids. Christine admits that she needed help while she was working and Kody refused to help because he had other obligations. Yet Kody gave his girlfriend, at the time, equal time with his wives.

Was Meri not the person Christine confided in two years ago when she wanted to leave Kody? Yet Meri acts as though they weren’t close. Kody claims that Christine was mean to Robyn from the start, but wasn’t Christine always supportive on camera? So what was the truth about the family? Have fans been lied to for 15 out of 17 seasons?

Kody needs to get his anger under control instead of taking it out on everyone else. Kody also might do good to stop lying to himself.

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