Sister Wives Fans Think Kody Brown Royally Screwed Up Vegas Homes

Sister WivesSome Sister Wives fans believe Kody Brown may have listened to “the wrong Heavenly Father” when it came to the sale of his four Las Vegas houses.

It seems Kody Brown doesn’t understand the real estate market, judging from the premature sale of his four Las Vegas homes. The 53-year-old father of 18 quickly sold off his four Vegas homes, eager to transfer to the Flagstaff property leaving as little behind as possible. But he took a loss. Continue reading and we’ll give you the low down.

Sister Wives – Kody Brown Needs To Settle Down

The Brown patriarch has become known for making more than a few foolhardy decisions in his life. According to Screen Rant, the Brown family has joked about how quick Kody is to look for greener pastures. Sister Wives fans have watched for years as Kody has moved his polygamist family around trying to find the best place for him and his family.

After leaving Utah in the cover of night, for fear of prosecution, the Sister Wives veteran decided to relocate his family to Las Vegas. Though some of his wives were opposed to the move, they all came to accept it. They all eventually came to love their Vegas cul-de-sac. However, by the time Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn began to settle into their new homes, Kody was ready to move.

Sister Wives – Fans Think Vegas Property Was Perfect for Browns

After relocating to Flagstaff, Arizona, it was the oft-silent Janelle who spoke up in season 14, commenting that she was returning to Vegas on the weekends to hold open houses for the properties. Unfortunately, the sale of the homes wasn’t going well, and the family’s wallet was taking a loss.

Sister Wives fans have struggled to understand the move, as the Vegas location seemed perfect for the Brown clan. Fans took to Reddit to address the issue, pointing out that the Brown kids “could play in the driveway, or in the yard without having to ask anybody for permission.”

Another fan joked about Kody’s decision on the sale of the homes, writing “Kody must be chatting with the wrong Heavenly Father to get that kind of bad advice/Devine intuition.”

Sister Wives – Browns Could Have Been Sitting On Gold Mine

The Brown homes in Las Vegas that they left behind are now being listed at upwards of $400,000. Meri Brown’s home alone is now worth a cool million. Sister Wives fans are speculating that, if the Brown family had stayed put in Vegas, they could now be sitting on a gold mine.

As it stands now, however, Kody is losing his grip on his family, having already lost Christine, and everyone is unhappy. Be sure to keep up with your favorite Sister Wives star and return here often for more spoilers, news, and updates.

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