Royal Family News: Who Was Planting Stories About Harry And Meghan At The Palace?

Royal Family News: Who Was Planting Stories About Harry And Meghan At The Palace?British Royal Family News says that someone has been planting negative stories about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over at the palace and of course, everyone’s pointing their fingers at someone. Could it be a member of the royal family? Someone part of the royal staff? Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News – Who Was Planting Stories About Harry And Meghan At The Palace?

Royal correspondent Omid Scobie, who wrote the book “Finding Freedom,” suggests in his latest column for Yahoo that “damaging stories leaked by individuals within the House of Windsor were also one of the main reasons the Sussexes felt a need to find a different path.”

Scobie continued, The reality is, people working at the Palace did brief against Harry and Meghan while they were working royals. Regularly. And it was hardly a secret, either. While writing the book Finding Freedom, a number of the staff I spoke to complained about the culture of leaking and negative briefings within the institution. Some felt it was out of jealousy of the couple’s unrivaled popularity at the time, others shrugged and said that’s just how it goes, and a couple believed that much of it came from a place of disliking Meghan.”

Royal Family News – What’s Next For Harry And Meghan?

Of course, many royal fans and critics alike have taken to social media to comment on the matter with, “How can they say there is no briefing when there is ample evidence that there is? Whose side was William on when he sent his aide to give evidence against Meghan to support an appeal for a case she’d already won? It was clear as day at that point,” along with, “Imagine being cursed with William for a brother and Charles for a father. There is nothing royal about that lot. There are people living in the worst ghetto raising better and more loving families than Charles Windsor family.”

Meanwhile, a separate report suggests Harry and Meghan are “delighted” by the outcome of their Netflix documentary. One source close to the situation told The Mirror: “Harry is delighted with the narrative of the documentary and how he and Meghan came across. The reason for doing this was to share their truth on their lives. He feels it told the story he wanted the world to hear and has absolutely no regrets.”

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