Royal Family News: Queen Receives Chilling Warning Over Prince Harry’s Key Role

Queen Queen Elizabeth II who is 96-years-old and has mobility issues, recently missed the opening of parliament and was subsequently sent a chilling warning regarding a key position that Prince Harry still holds, per Geo News.

Prince Charles and Prince William made history yesterday, May 10, by opening Parliament on Queen Elizabeth II’s behalf. In a historic shift, The Prince of Wales read his mother’s speech in her stead. Continue reading and we’ll tell you how it all went down and what it could mean.

Royal Family News – Expert Beseeches Queen to Remove Harry and Andrew As Counselors Of State

The Queen reportedly stepped down from the particular role, nearly 60 years after the last time she missed it, on the advice of her doctors. Now a royal expert is cautioning that, due to the development, there is an ongoing need for Prince Andrew and Prince Harry to be removed as counselors of state.

According to royal author Richard Eden, “This [emphasizes] the urgency of Prince Andrew and Prince Harry being stripped of their roles as two of the Queen’s four [counselors] of state.” There is currently speculation that the Queen has already made the decision to remove Harry and Andrew as counselors of state.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Accused of ‘Appropriating’ Māori Culture

In other Royal Family News, according to Daily Mail, Prince Harry is now being accused of “appropriating” Māori culture “to push his own agenda.” The Duke of Sussex appeared in a bizarre five-minute-long advert on May 9 in which he spoke several phrases in Te Reo Māori.

During Māori Television’s current affairs program, Te Ao with Moana, the prince described New Zealand as a country of “sustainability pioneers” and described his project as “new kaupapa” the Māori word for work that is thought of as “principled and for the public good,” per Daily Mail.

Royal Family News – Critics Go After Prince Harry, Yet Again

Praising Māori culture, the duke said that it “inherently understands sustainable practices and how to take better care of our life-giving-land, which are critical lessons which we can all learn.” Unfortunately, this move only fueled the angst of royal fans who are now accusing him of appropriating Māori culture for his own eco-agenda.

One critic took to Twitter, writing, “Usually a white man launching a global brand would be accused of appropriating Māori culture. Not sure Prince Harry will get the same treatment.” Another critic wrote, “So Prince Harry is now appropriating Māori culture to cash in on mental health.”

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