Prince Andrew Misjudged Ghislaine Maxwell’s Character

Prince Andrew Misjudged Ghislaine Maxwell's CharacterPrince Andrew’s close friend Ghislaine Maxwell was recently sentenced to 20 years in jail for grooming underaged girls to have sex with rich men. Ghislaine Maxwell was also a close associate of late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who she also dated.

Maxwell and Prince Andrew have been friends for many years, with Palace staffs revealing that she regularly visited Andrew at Buckingham Palace.

During his Newsnight interview in 2019, he attempted to defend Ghislaine Maxwell when Jeffrey Epstein’s reputation was sunk after it was discovered he had sex with multiple unwilling girls through the years. The result was not one Andrew would ever deem satisfactory. As Maxwell faces justice, people are beginning to question just how well the disgraced Prince Andrew knew his convicted long-time friend.

Prince Andrew – Is He A Victim of Ignorance Or Was He Aware of Jeffery Epstein’s Trafficking?

Even though investigating bodies have assured Prince Andrew that he is not a suspect in Epstein’s trafficking world, he still wouldn’t agree to talk to authorities about any information he might know regarding the dirty business, which is rumored to include powerful and wealthy people.

A former armed protection officer, Paul Page, revealed that he and some other palace staffs were under the impression that Andrew and Ghislaine “had some form of intimate relationship.”

Page also revealed that Andrew, at the time, made an “unusual” request to keep Ghislaine’s name out of the visitor’s book whenever she visited. Recalling her behavior towards him and his fellow colleagues, Page said: “She didn’t say anything, she wouldn’t say hello, just look at us and then look away. Not a friendly person – I would almost say she looked down on us.”

Prince Andrew denies being involved in illegal activities during his relationship with Epstein and Maxwell.

Before introducing the 62-year-old Duke to Epstein, Ghislaine has been a close acquaintance of the Prince for the better part of two decades, since their time at uni.

Andrew claimed that his relationship with Epstein was always through the “prism” of Ghislaine. He further explained that Epstein would attend events – such as at Windsor and Balmoral Castle – as Ghislaine Maxwell’s plus one.

However, a source close to the Duke accused him of changing his attitude when he started becoming closer to Maxwell. “Andrew’s a very poor judge of character, easily impressed,” the source told Evening Standard.

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