Meghan Ory Suffers Same Health Fear As Kate Middleton And Amy Schumer!

Meghan Ory Suffers Same Health Fear As Kate Middleton And Amy Schumer!Meghan Ory definitely knows how to keep a secret! However, after not telling fans during filming, Meghan just unveiled a surprise. And the Once Upon A Time actress revealed her scary health condition to her fans. 

Find out what happened to Ory while filming the Hallmark channel’s Chesapeake Shores sixth season. And learn how celebrities including Kate Middleton and Amy Schumer might have understood. Get all the details below!

Meghan Ory – Confesses Her Health Scare!

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and comedian Amy Schumer share a health battle in common with actress Meghan Ory. But Meghan tried to hide her fears during filming the last season of Chesapeake Shores. However, now Ory, 39, feels ready to share that she was struggling during her pregnancy with her second baby throughout shooting season six, reported People.

Just like the Duchess of Cambridge and comedian, the Hallmark star suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum. Resulting in vomiting and nausea, the condition can cause weight loss. And only two percent of all pregnant women experience the challenge. Because it can last for months, the condition can make a pregnancy especially challenging. 

But Meghan managed to hide her struggles for weeks. However, the actress finally shared it on social media. “Well that is a wrap on #chesapeakeshores after 6 seasons!” posted Ory on Instagram. “I started this season with #hyperemesisgravidarum and ended it with #covid -it has been quite the run! thank you so much to our amazing cast and crew for having so much patience with me while I tried not to barf on anyone,” she added.

Meghan Ory – Thanks Hubby For His Support Throughout Filming

However, after thanking the cast and crew, Meghan took time to share her love for her husband John Reardon. And she called him her “rock” for his support. “Thank you to my amazing hubby @johnny_reardon_ for holding down the fort and being my rock,” wrote Ory. 

And Meghan also admitted that she and her husband needed the help of two nannies as well. In her Instagram post, Ory expressed gratitude for the couple’s “two, yes two Nannie’s for all their support. With mom and dad both on tv shows, two Nannie’s was a must! #ittakesavillage,” added the actress. “I hope everyone that watches enjoys the final season! Xo,” she concluded the post.

But looking back, Meghan did offer a clue to her pregnancy and health struggles back in May. And at the time, she hinted, “Onset acting like I’m not going to barf.” But the photo only showed the actress resting at work without a sign of a baby bump. The photo stems from Ory’s work on Chesapeake Shores. Debuting in 2016 on the Hallmark Channel, the series uses the romantic novels of Sherryl Woods to follow four generations of O’Brien family members. Ory portrayed oldest daughter Abby O’Brien.

Tell us what you think. Do you feel surprised to learn how Meghan Ory hid her health struggles during filming? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more celebrity news.  

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