Meghan Markle Was ‘Set Up For Abuse’ For Being First Black Woman In The Royal Family?

Meghan Markle Was ‘Set Up For Abuse’ For Being First Black Woman In The Royal Family?British Royal News says that it really didn’t matter what Meghan Markle said or did, he critics would have came after her anymore. At least, that’s what Denee Benton believes. The “Gilded Age “ actress recently shared her perspective on the Duchess of Sussex being the first Black woman in the royal family. Here’s what she has to say.

British Royal News – Meghan Markle Was ‘Set Up For Abuse’ For Being First Black Woman In The Royal Family

In a new interview with Tatler, Benton put it this way, “Being the first and only [person of color], you’re really set up for an incredible amount of abuse – the system isn’t set up to support you. And I think that [because of] the lineage of the really profoundly devastating effects of colonization as it relates to the monarchy, you can’t necessarily just pop a black person in.”

Benton continued, “It requires a lot of reckoning. Unless you’re ready to do that work, then the person who’s put in that position ends up suffering more than the changes they are able to make. It’s [going to take] much more than one person coming in to trigger all of that change. It doesn’t really work. They just get eaten alive or make the choice to protect themselves and [in the latter case], I’m like, power to you, sis!”

British Royal News – What’s Next For Meghan?

And while there are a lot of people that have sympathized with the Duchess of Sussex over her struggles, others believe that she might have done herself and the monarchy a disservice by throwing everyone under the bus the way that she did in her joint interview with Prince Harry with Oprah Winfrey. Queen Elizabeth sure didn’t appreciate all of that royal family drama, the same way she didn’t like how Meghan’s own family members kept talking to the press about their feud with the former Hollywood actress. According to reports, both the queen and Prince Charles wanted Meghan to diffuse the bad blood between her and her father, Thomas Markle, and her half sister, Samantha Markle, but the duchess had refused.

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