British Royal News: Were The Royals Wrong Not To Show Respect To Meghan Markle

British Royal News: Were The Royals Wrong Not To Show Respect To Meghan MarkleBritish Royal News says that Prince Harry sure had a legitimate reason to be upset. There’s a new report that says the Duke of Sussex apparently erupted at his family’s very unfriendly approach to Meghan Markle during the very early years of their relationship. Here’s what you need to know.

British Royal News – Were The Royals Wrong Not To Show Respect To Meghan Markle

According to a new report, Harry was upset that his family were not showing Meghan, “sufficient support, respect and friendship.” Not only that, but he also singled out Kate Middleton and said that she could have done a better job of being “friendlier” to his sister-in-law.

Royal author Tom Bower, who recently wrote the book, “Revenge,” put it this way, “Members of their family, said Harry, were not showing her sufficient support, respect and friendship. Meghan, Harry believed, should be just as appreciated as their mother. William’s reply was not sympathetic. Beyond the palaces, few were aware of the split between the brothers.”

Many royal fans and critics alike commented on the matter with, “I can just imagine the scenario. Meghan complained to Harry that his family did not give her the respect she thinks she deserves, and she kept on about it until he did something about it. She knew exactly what the repercussions would be and she didn’t care,” along with, “Such a shame that Harry doesn’t have more common sense or intelligence. It seems that at every turn he takes the wrong path. Very sad, but he is a grown up at least on paper and he should be cut loose with the help of the removal of ALL his titles including prince. He could then truly be the man he has become – a nobody.”

British Royal News – Did Meghan Markle Not Get Any Respect From The Royals?

Another critic wrote, “He is just annoyed that his brother could see something he did not want to see the minute he met MM. Should have listened to his brother and Grandfather. One walks out with an actress one does not marry them. What a fool Harry was, tough, stuck with it now.”

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