Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Confirms Zack And Jeremy Can’t Afford Roloff FARMS

Little People, Big WorldLittle People, Big World spoilers, news, and updates tease that Amy Roloff has confirmed that neither Zack nor Jeremy can afford to buy part of the Roloff Farms that Matt Roloff has put up for sale. But her kids have already moved on from the failed deal.

Fans may recall that Amy sold her share of the Roloff Farm to her ex-husband, Matt, back in April 2019 for $600,000. Aside from the large farmhouse, Amy also sold 332 acres of land, which cost nearly $1 million.

Fast forward, Zack wanted to purchase a part of Amy’s old property, but he was unable to close a deal with Matt. Jeremy also wanted to buy part of the farm, but just like Zach, the sail fell through the cracks.

Little People, Big World – Amy Roloff Reveals Main Problem With The Failed Sale

Amy revealed that one of the reasons why the sale didn’t happen was because of money. She believes both her sons have already moved on. Zack has left the state and moved to Washington with his family.

“None of those boys are able to afford that,” she said in regards to Zach and Jeremy hoping to buy the farm,” Amy revealed.

“But it doesn’t mean whatever feelings and emotions and history suddenly goes away and everything’s back to hunky-dory,” she added.

Little People, Big World – Fans Think Caryn Chandler, Is A Bad Influence On Matt Roloff

Fans have never liked Caryn Chandler, but many of them have started to dislike her even more. Many of them despised her as they believed that she and Matt were already together before the latter finalized his divorce from Amy in 2015. Some followers of the show believe that she forced himself to be part of a family that she doesn’t belong to. Others think that she shouldn’t act as a grandmother yet because she’s not married to Matt.

Some of them think that she’s only after Matt’s money, while others suspect that she’s trying to find ways to ruin the Roloff family and make sure that Matt will eventually be separated from the rest so she can have him all to her own.

Some also believe that she’s behind Matt’s decision to sell part of the Roloff farms. One fan of the show said that Caryn has an agenda, and she’s getting too involved in family matters that don’t concern her at all.

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