Kim Kardashian Is Continuing Her Fight For Justice By Launching A True Crime Podcast On Spotify

Kim Kardashian Is Continuing Her Fight For Justice By Launching A True Crime Podcast On SpotifyMany fans of the reality tv star know that it’s been a long-time dream of hers to do some massive work that’ll help reform the justice department. To this day, she’s used her platform to campaign for the release of people who were arrested without definite proof they committed a crime. She actually have saved a woman from death row.

Early this year, the 41-year-old was overjoyed when she passed her “baby bar” law exams, which got her a step closer to her dreams of being an attorney.

Right now, she’s continuing to live her dreams and make an impact by taking an interest on cases people have forgotten.

Here’s to the new podcastKim Kardashian‘s The System: The Case of Kevin Keith”

Kim Kardashian – On the Story Of Kevin Keith, The Man Charges With Three Homicides

On Monday, October 3, two episodes of the podcast “Kim Kardashian’s The System: The Case of Kevin Keith” premiered on Monday.

The episodes came with Spotify’s announcement that the social media personality will be narrating the new original podcast, which will be based on Kevin Keith.

The series dropped its trailer and first two episodes on Monday, and is set to revolve around the real-life story of Kevin Keith, an Ohio man who was arrested and charged for a triple homicide in 1994.

“There is no physical evidence exclusively tying [Kevin] to the crime, yet he has spent 28 years of his life behind bars, with many of those on death row,” a description of the series reads. “Kevin’s brother Charles has always been convinced of his innocence, and to this day, works relentlessly to clear Kevin’s name.”

The podcast’s description then adds that Kim Kardashian, whose work advocating for prison reform is growing with the launch of the new series, will be aiming to expose the cracks in the criminal justice system.

“Over 8 episodes, Kim and team will take a deep dive into the case, raise important questions, and try to shed light on a legal system that can often be deliberately puzzling,” the show’s description adds. “Though it’s said, ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ was Kevin Keith really given a fair shot? Draw your own conclusions in this twisted, heartbreaking, and at times, unbelievable story.”

“Kevin Keith was never questioned by law enforcement, ever,” Kardashian says along the beginning of the series, before we hear Keith asserting his innocence and the opinions of the people who think he’s guilty.

“There’s so much to explore here, and it’s my goal to take you with me on this path,” The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star adds. “I want you to make your own determination, but I think you’ll be surprised by what you hear.”

Why Is Kevin Keith’s Story So Remarkable?

For nearly 30 years, Kevin Keith has been behind bars and since then, the fight for his innocence is far from being over.

A website dedicated to Keith’s legal case explains that Keith was convicted and put on death row within three months of the February Feb. 13, 1994 for the triple homicide of of five-year-old Marchae Chatman, her mother Marichell Chatman and Marichell’s aunt, Linda Chatman. There were three other victims of the shooting, which happened inside an apartment building, but they survived the attack.

The website argues that no substantial evidence, not even proof of Keith being around the vicinity, was provided before his sentencing. One of the few evidences that were brought in was based on the theory that he targeted the Chatman family because their family member Rudel Chatman was central to his arrest for selling drugs.

Keith was arrested two days after the shooting incident despite a surviving member saying that his features didn’t match that of the shooter.

Kevin’s brother continues to gather the crucial evidence needed to prove his brother’s innocence, including finding evidence that spared him from death row in 2010.

New episodes of “Kim Kardashians The System: The Case Of Kevin Keith” will be dropping Mondays on Spotify.

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