Josh Duggar’s Aunt Deanna Wonders If He Inherited Mental Health Problems

Counting OnFormerly a TLC star on 19 Kids and Counting, Josh Duggar fell from grace, and now he faces 12 years in federal prison. Well, his Aunt, the sister of Jim Bob, and her daughter, Amy King are familiar to fans of Counting On. At one stage, they appeared from time to time. Naturally, Deanna knows the whole family very well, and she watched Josh grow up. Now, she wondered if her nephew inherited some mental issues.

Amy And Deanna Duggar – Are Outspoken About Josh Duggar

Amy King didn’t hold back her feelings about her cousin. After his sentence arrived, she felt that it wasn’t enough. Additionally, she claimed that her cousin is “sinister.” That came after the contents of letters that his wife Anna and his mom sent to the judge came to light. They claimed that he is a sweet and considerate man. While Amy admitted Josh could be nice, something didn’t sit right with her.

Before Josh Duggar was sentenced for his child porn conviction, Deanna wrote a comment on social media that seemed to diss Jim Bob and Michelle. In it, she said, “I was told a completely different story about a certain family member! I saw the truth in my local news.” Well, she had a change of heart and later changed it to say how she was just counting her blessings. Perhaps she was just tired of all the negativity.

Josh Duggar – Inherited Mental Health Issues?

The Sun spoke with Deanna and on June 3, they reported that she spoke about mental health and her nephew. Actually, it seems like a valid thing to think about. After all, most people don’t take pleasure from watching child porn where abused children suffer. She told the outlet that her dad, who she shared with Counting On star Jim Bob, “had serious mental issues. It could’ve been passed down to Josh. I do not know.” 

Josh Duggar's Aunt Deanna Wonders If He Inherited Mental Health Problems
Deanna Duggar / Instagram

Deanna also talked about the time that Josh Duggar was visited by Homeland Security at the car lot. She recalled once again that she heard about it via the news. So, she called someone in the family and asked about it. However, she heard that they only “stopped by.” You might recall at the time, that Jim Bob also denied that anything went down and slammed it as fake news.

Josh Duggar – Can People Inheritmental Health Problems

It’s interesting that Deanna thought about Josh Duggar inheriting mental health problems from her dad. In fact, the BBC reported back in 2016, “studies into twins and family histories have proved that mental health illnesses have a genetic contribution. But it’s only in the past few years scientists have been able to fully identify the genetic changes that might be causing that increase in risk.”

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