Jinger Vuolo’s Tell-All Book Calls Out Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar

Jinger Vuolo'Duggar family news reveals that Jinger Vuolo’s new tell-all book is going to expose her family in ways that they probably never knew would happen. Some of her closest friends think that once her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar read this book, she may be cut off from the family altogether. The book will focus on how she was raised in an extreme religion and the teachings of the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

Jinger Vuolo – The Teachings Of The Duggars

Jinger was raised in a home that believe in the IBLP teachings. These teachings focus on the strict hierarchy of authority that begins with Jesus at the top, then the church elders, and then the husbands. Husbands are in charge of protecting their children and wives. In their religion, women were expected to dress a certain way and to keep their hair in a certain way that their husbands thought was attractive. As we have watched Jinger grow up, she has been showing off more of her body and wearing clothing that her father would punish her for.

Her book is all about “dismantling and leaving the oppressive world of the IBLP”, according to Katie Joy, an online blogger. The book is coming out earlynext year and many fans are looking forward to seeing just how much Jinger opens up about her famous family.

Jinger Vuolo Gets Help

Not only did Jinger write the book, she gives some of her famous family members credit as well. In the book liner she gives credit to Ben Seewald, who is Jessa Duggar’s husband. Apparently he opened Jinger’s eyes to the horrible beliefs that her parents raised them all to believe. Then she credits her own husband, Jeremy Vuolo who showed her how the IBLP broke down the Bible, but in a false way.

The IBLP was founded in the 1960s by a man named Bill Gothard. It has been called a cult and has hit the mainstream and we have seen just how the Duggar children were raised in it. We have the proof from the show of how messed up this religion is and what it did to the children. Now Jinger is ready to share her truth.

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