Jill Duggar Spills On Anna Duggar Feud!

Counting OnIn the wake of Josh Duggar receiving a guilty verdict in his child porn scandal, rumors swirled about his wife Anna Duggar. Some followers of the “Counting On” alum thought that Anna would divorce Josh. But others predicted that the mother of his seven kids would once again stand by her man. And amid the gossip, everyone wondered exactly how Josh’s relatives would respond. 

Would Josh’s parents, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, support Anna? And how would his sisters such as Jill Duggar react? Rumors hinted that Jill would feud with and even shun Anna. But now Jill herself has spilled on the status of that alleged feud. Find out what she revealed below. 

Counting On – Which Of Josh Duggar’s Relatives Support His Wife Anna?

Anna Duggar currently faces a challenge. How will she find the money to feed the seven children she shares with Josh Duggar? His parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, may have stepped up to solve part of Anna’s problems, according to the Hollywood Gossip.

When Josh’s trial first began, rumors swirled that Josh’s parents feuded with Anna over the appropriate legal plan for their son. But since the guilty verdict, it appears that Jim Bob and Michelle have decided to view Anna as another of Josh’s victims. As a result, they reportedly have found a way to help her.

Because they believe that women should not take jobs outside of their homes, Josh’s parents did not choose to find a job for Anna. Instead, Jim Bob reportedly made a real estate deal that will provide money for Anna. It involved Jim Bob allegedly buying a land plot that Anna technically owns. As a result, he reportedly can hide that money from the government while dividing the future profits with Anna.

Counting On – Jill Duggar Spills On Anna Duggar!

But even as Anna reportedly gets support from Josh’s parents, fans wonder about his sisters. One of Josh’s siblings, Jill Duggar, just spilled the answer. And it surprised her followers for several reasons.

First, Jill began a feud with her parents years ago. As a result, her fans assumed that Jim Bob’s decision to help Anna would mean Jill would extend that feud to Josh’s wife. In addition, both Jill and her husband Derick Dillard shared that they support Josh’s guilty verdict!

But Jill just included Anna in a recent social media post, reported the Sun. That post features pictures of Jill and her family. And in response to a fan’s question about her youngest son, Jill shared a mention of Anna. “My SIL [sister-in-law] @annaduggar got us hooked on @preschoolprepcompany videos (several can be found on YouTube Kids) to help learn phonics blends, sight words, etc. It has helped both our boys SO much!!”

As a result of that mention, fans praised Jill. “In whatever way that Jill finds peace in her life, it seems like she is evolving to a place where she values Anna and recognizes her strengths,” pointed out one follower. And another asked, “I wonder if they’re speaking regularly or if this is a subtle way of reaching out to her without the confrontation risk?” While the answer remains unknown, it appears that Anna herself has made peace with both sides of Josh’s family!

Tell us what you think. Do you feel surprised by the indications that Josh’s parents and his sister Jill have supported Anna Duggar? And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more Duggar family and reality TV news!

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