GH Spoilers: Is Victor Holding Ethan Captive — Or Luke?

General Hospital: Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaugnessy)General Hospital spoilers reveal Holly Sutton (Emma Samms) hasn’t been back in Port Charles for two weeks and so far, few have grown suspicious of what’s really going on with her. Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) might normally suspect her but she’s been rather busy avoiding going to prison for a murder she didn’t commit. Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) and Mac Scorpio (John J. York) have also been preoccupied with their personal lives as they entertained whether Mac might have a son, but were they so out of it that they missed all the warning signs their old pal was throwing out?

When Mayor Laura Collins (Genie Francis) came back to town, she was quick to smell a rat in the room — and it wasn’t just her Deputy Mayor Eileen Ashby (Heather Mazur). It’s likely that Laura was suspicious of Holly before she ever saw her face-to-face. The two don’t have the best history, and Laura wouldn’t say Holly’s track record for telling the truth is the best. However, when Laura put Holly on the spot about her whereabouts these last two years, she didn’t make any progress. She did, however, make her concerns known to Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers), who is clearly blinded by love and immediately shared them with Holly.

The real threat here is Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaugnessy) though, who is controlling Holly’s every move by holding hostage someone she loves dearly. So far, we know it’s a male, and we know Holly will do anything for him. But who is it — Ethan Lovett (Nathan Parsons) or Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary)?

General Hospital Spoilers — Ethan Lovett Makes The Most Sense

It makes the most sense that Holly would lie to everyone she loves and holds dear to protect the one person she loves more than any of them. She might not be as likely to go to those lengths to protect Luke. In fact, if it were Luke, one would think she’d be more inclined to loop everyone in so they could help. Ethan is her only child, and mothers will do anything to protect their children.

GH Spoilers – Tease It Could Be Luke Spencer

On the other hand, if it is Luke, Holly could see this as a way to finally redeem herself with Laura. Furthermore, she does take her job as a WSB agent seriously and seeks to do justice and harm no one whenever possible. If Victor is holding Luke somewhere, Holly wouldn’t be quick to forsake the father of her son. In addition, it’s possible Victor had been holding both Holly and Luke captive all this time. If he did, they may have reconnected and fallen in love. Regardless, Holly would certainly know what kind of torture Luke is still going through in captivity, and she would want to secure his freedom. The way she sees it, she may think everyone will forgive her for misleading them as long as she brings Luke home alive.

General Hospital Spoilers — Holly Stton Would Likely Go To Bat for Both Of Them

When choosing between Ethan or Luke, it’s realistic to believe Holly would probably go through quite a lot for either one of them. So far, no one has really mentioned Ethan’s whereabouts. Why isn’t he home to welcome his mother who has just been found alive? Doesn’t she want him to know? Maybe she doesn’t.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Holly might think luring Ethan to Port Charles could put him at risk by putting him on Victor’s warpath. Either way, this story will continue to unfold, and we’ll continue to keep you up to speed. Stay tuned for more GH news, updates, and spoilers right here.

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