GH Spoilers: Carly Tells Michael The Truth – And He Keeps It From Willow

General Hospital - Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveals Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) has been struggling with the secret she is keeping that Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) is Willow Tait’s (Katelyn MacMullen) birth mother. She never thought it would matter that she didn’t tell anyone. Carly just assumed she could take this secret to her grave, just as she thinks Harmony Miller (Inga Cadranel) should have.

Everything is going to change when Carly finds out Willow has cancer. Thankfully, Carly isn’t so awful that she would withhold this information in light of such news, but she’s going to be worried about telling Willow or Nina this news and might seek to do it in a more covert way.

General Hospital Spoilers — Drew Cain May Not Be On Her Side

Carly is going to realize she needs to come clean, and that might start with Drew, because he’s the only one she directly lied to while the others she’s been lying to by omission. She can’t reveal to everyone that Nina is Willow’s mother without first explaining to Drew why she lied.

She will likely try to tell him she was doing it for him so he wouldn’t be burdened by keeping that secret. However, Drew isn’t stupid, and he might think Carly’s motives were more selfish than that. Still, Carly may try to appeal to Drew and ask that he doesn’t out her as she tries to find the best way to break the news.

GH Spoilers – Hint Carly Shares The Truth With Her Son

Carly is going to come clean with Michael next. She owes him the truth — and Willow, but she feels more comfortable approaching Michael first. She knows he may be upset with her, but she also wants to ensure that Michael is there and supportive — versus reactive — when Willow finds out. Telling him first will enable him to decide how to best deliver the news to Willow, who will be sicker than ever and fighting for her life. Despite his love for her and his worry that she may not survive, Michael is going to agree with his mother.

General Hospital Spoilers — Michael Corinthos Puts A Lid On It

Michael might not like that Carly didn’t give him or Willow the chance to decide this for themselves sooner, but now that Willow is so sick, the last thing he wants to do is upset her and cause a setback in her recovery. Michael thinks he can find a way to get Nina tested as a donor without having to reveal that she is Willow’s birth mother. Of course, Carly will question whether Michael ever intends to tell Willow the truth, to which he will say it can be addressed later if need be. Does anyone else see this panning out just horribly? Stay tuned for more General Hospital news and spoilers just ahead.

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