EastEnders Spoilers: Shane Richie Responds To Backlash Against Alfie Moon

Shane RichieEastEnders spoilers, news, and updates tease that Shane Richie addressed the backlash that his character, Alfie Moon, received in his current storyline. He has opened up about why some fans think that he is Kat Slater’s (Jesse Wallace) stalker.

Since Alfie’s return, he has been trying to win Kat back while the latter plans to marry. So far, Kat has remained faithful to Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden). She hasn’t changed her mind about tying the knot with Phil even though she had a lot of time to spend with Alfie while Phil was away.

The actor explained that many of the viewers know the backstory between Alfie and Kat. But, the younger generation has no idea about their history that’s why they consider Alfie’s behavior as “stalker-ish” and tries to win Kat back.

“She’s already with somebody and was about to marry him, and this man who wears a leather jacket and flowery shirts keep trying to take her away. So, trying to play those beats as an actor is really interesting,” he added.

The actor noted that millions of people who know what they’ve been through together are rooting for them to reunite, but there’s also a group of people who don’t know his history, and Richie is aware of that.

Richie hinted that his alter ego will think that he was going to receive a severe reprimand from Kat when she tells him that they need to talk following the pantomime.

“But they end up talking underneath the Christmas tree, and Kat’s had a couple of drinks, and suddenly Alfie thinks things are going in the right direction…” Richie teased.

EastEnders  Spoilers – Will Alfie and Kat Get Back Together?

Spoilers hint that Kat will feel conflicted between Alfie and Phil as the holiday season draws near. At first, Kat made it clear to Alfie that she’s now with Phil and she’s not interested in reconciling with him. Given that Phil is away from Walford, something will reignite her feelings for Alfie, which could lead to some serious problems in the run-up to Christmas.

Tommy (Sonny Kendall) will also be upset when he notices that his mother is much happier with Alfie than when she’s with Phil. As a result, Kat asks Alfie to leave, but the latter gets some advice that he needs to fight if he wants to retake his place in Kat’s life.

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