Duggar Family News: Does Extravagant Purchase Prove Jessa Seewald Is Financially Irresponsible?

Duggar FamilyDuggar Family News reveals that Jessa Seewald is now being slammed for a purchase that may be too expensive for her family now that her family’s television show has been canceled. Her family relied a lot on the show for their income and her followers feel that she shouldn’t be spending money so freely if her family needs the money to survive.

Duggar Family – Jessa Seewald’s Life Choices Get Backlash

In one of the Instagram ads that Jessa did, her fans spotted a very expensive kitchen appliance in the background. The ad was for Home Chef and she has been doing these quite a lot lately. It seems as if they are paying her for this, but she can’t be making too much from fans using her promo code. The appliance that her fans saw is a Big Berkey and it is a water filtration system. One of these runs around $400! How can she afford to add this to her kitchen with no job and four children? Who paid for this? Her fans have a lot of questions.

Reddit users were quick to point this out in the photo too and they mentioned that the reviews are horrible for this appliance and it is incredibly expensive. Some fans just didn’t understand why she does buy large gallons of filtered water at the natural food store if she is so worried about their drinking water.

Duggar Family – Fans Share Opinions

When fans saw the Berkey, they started to share their thoughts. One wrote, “They are a stupid status symbol where I’m from. Our water is perfectly fine, but people flaunt these to show how wealthy/cool they are.” Another added, “Is a Berkey just a bigger, shinier, more gimmicky Brita pitcher?” One more added, “The only people I know who have them are a: doomsday preppers, and b: people who feel everything in their home is dangerous and filled with chemicals and heavy metals like lead.”

This appliance really has Jessa’s fans confused as to how she can afford these items for her home. Perhaps it was a gift or perhaps they bought it with Counting On money. Only she knows.

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