Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Susan Finds Out Her Grandson Isn’t Himself!

Days Of Our Lives: Susan Banks (Stacy Haiduk)Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Susan Banks (Stacy Haiduk) will soon find out her grandson isn’t himself when she tangles with Johnny DiMera aka Johnny DiDevil (Carson Boatman) in an upcoming episode of Days of Our Lives!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Susan Banks Has A Horrible Premonition, Gets Sick All Over Marlena Evans

Days of Our Lives viewers will remember Susan showed up at the door of Marlena Evans’ (Deidre Hall) home complete with holy water and huge wooden cross, ready to fight the devil! Poor Marlena could hardly get a word in edgewise to let the out of the loop Susan know that Satan was gone from her as she kept splashing holy water!

Finally, as Days of Our Lives viewers will remember, Marlena was finally able to convince Susan that it was safe and she was no longer possessed, and invited her into the condo. But as they sat on the couch and Marlena and Susan talked about Johnny having gotten married and Marlena not feeling welcome to their wedding reception after having hurt Paulina Price (Jackeé Harry) so badly, Susan became ill! She literally looked like she had been punched in the gut as she lost her lunch all over Marlena’s shoes, and Marlena took her to Salem University Hospital!

DOOL Spoilers – Susan Banks Doesn’t Think Her Illness Is Physical

Once Marlena brings Susan to the hospital to be checked out, Susan insists that her illness may not be merely physical; she has a feeling something is going on as Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams) checks her out. Longtime Days of Our Lives viewers will remember that Susan has had these premonitions for many years, as she explained to Tripp, but she can’t quite put her finger on what’s going on. Then she has a premonition episode while she’s being checked out, and she knows that her illness is supernaturally based and it’s something bigger than she’s experienced before, and much more dangerous! Days of Our Lives viewers will remember that when Johnny was first entered by satan, he felt physically ill and was becoming drained of energy. It’s a good possibility that what Susan is feeling is coming from what is happening to her grandson through psychic transference!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Susan Banks Has A Devilish Encounter With Johnny DiDevil

Days of Our Lives viewers will recall that once Susan was comfortable that Marlena was Marlena and not MarDevil, she kept her big wooden cross but gave her bottle of holy water to Marlena in case she needed it. Susan will probably wish that she had another bottle with her when she encounters Johnny later on in the day and realizes he’s not himself-literally, as she gets a strong sense of evil when she walks into the room! Days of Our Lives viewers will see Susan and Johnny have what on the outside seems to be a normal conversation, but Susan keeps sensing that something is just not right with her grandson. Suddenly Susan realizes that Johnny is now possessed, and confronts him, telling him he’s dark and evil and he’s not her grandbaby, and pulls out her cross and goes after him with it!

DOOL Spoilers – Johnny DiDevil Makes Susan Banks Forget

Days of Our Lives viewers will see that Susan is not successful in her plan to literally beat the devil out of Johnny with her big wooden cross! All Johnny does is continue to deny, deny, deny and then Days of Our Lives viewers see Satan manifest in Johnny! Days of Our Lives viewers then will see that all that JohnnyDevil has to do is touch Susan’s forehead, and makes her forget everything! Susan then thinks everything is well in Salem, and tells her son EJ DiMera (Dan Feurreriegel) that she’s going back to Memphis!

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