Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Stefan DiMera’s Return Sparks War? Jake’s New Conflict

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Stefan DiMera's Return Sparks War? Jake's New ConflictDays of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Stefan Dimera (Brandon Barash) could be heading back to Salem. Gabi Dimera (Camila Banus) begged Dr. Rolf (now played by Richard Wharton) to save Stefan after Lani Grant (ex-Sal Stowers) shot him. Rolf had refused to help Gabi, however, he may have saved Stefan anyway. Will Stefan’s return spark a war with his brother Jake Dimera (Brandon Barash)?

Days of Our Lives: Gabi Dimera Loved Stefan Dimera To Distraction

Days Of Our Lives Gabi loved Stefan to distraction. Gabi and Stefan’s marriage started as a business deal. However, it didn’t take long for them to fall in love. Gabi and Stefan were not willing to admit their feelings right away but eventually, they did and were very much in love when he was shot. Stefan was declared brain dead from lack of oxygen, and Stefan’s heart was given to Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes). How could even Dr. Rolf have saved him from that?

DOOL Spoilers: Stefan Dimera Didn’t Know About Jake Dimera.

Unless someone has taken the time to update Days of Our Lives Stefan, he may be very shocked to see his face looking back at him. After all, how often do you have a twin show up out of nowhere? However, Stefan will want to go after Dimera just like his other brothers. Jake is working there with Gabi and doing very well so far. Will Stefan’s return spark not only a war over Dimera but a war over Gabi as well? Will Gabi give up Li Shin (Remington Hoffman for either of them?

Days of Our Lives: Stefan Dimera Will Learn Things Have Changed

A lot of things have changed since Days of Our Lives Stefan’s supposed death. E.J. Dimera (Dan Feuerriegel) was not around trying to take over the company when Stefan was there. E.J. and Chad Dimera (Billy Flynn) have already tried to throw Gabi out as CEO of Dimera Enterprises. Neither of them like Jake either. If Stefan returns, will that upset the voting stock of the company? Could Chad and E.J. even try to put Stefan in as CEO to get rid of Gabi? Would Stefan side against what would be his wife since they were married when he died?

Stefan’s return would certainly shake a lot of things up in Salem. However, Jake and Stefan’s dynamic could be the most interesting. Will these twin brothers be friends or be at each other’s throats? Will their feelings for Gabi keep them from becoming as close as some twins are?

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