Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Paulina’s Sacrifice, Confesses To TR’s Murder

Days Of Our Lives: Paulina Price (Jackee Harry)Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that TR Coates (William Christian) is shot during the week of May 9. The person who shoots TR is his own daughter. Even though Lani Price-Grant (Sal Stowers) does it to save Abe Carver (James Reynolds) and Paulina Price (Jackee Harry), she could be in serious trouble. Paulina will take the blame and confess to killing TR to protect Lani.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Eli Grant’s Bombshell

DOOL spoilers reveal that after TR shot Eli Grant (Lamon Archey), he was rushed into surgery. Then, Eli fell into a coma. Meanwhile, TR took action to be sure he couldn’t be linked to the crime. TR also took drastic measures to keep Beth Howard (Donielle Artese) quiet.

Eli finally woke up and is ready to tell Lani exactly what happened that fateful day. When Eli tells Lani that TR shot him, she is stunned. Lani has trouble believing this about TR, though. Soon, Lani realizes that TR only showed a certain side of himself to her.

DOOL Spoilers – Abe Carver Wounded

While Lani is reeling over Eli’s bombshell, there is a major confrontation going down with TR. Not only does TR not get what he wants from Paulina but attacks Abe. By the time Lani walks in, Abe is on the ground and isn’t moving. Meanwhile, TR is ready to beat Paulina just as he did all those years ago.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Lani Price-Grant Kills Father

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Lani immediately pulls the trigger. The gunshot kills TR but he is able to get out a few words before dying. TR tells Lani that he loves and forgives her. Even though the logical part of Lani knows TR doesn’t understand the meaning of love, the words might get to her once she processes everything that’s happened.

DOOL Spoilers – Paulina Price’s Sacrifice

Eli gets worried when Lani races out of the hospital room. Eli has Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) call Steve “Patch” Johnson (Stephen Nichols). Eli is worried that Lani will walk into a potentially deadly situation. However, it appears that Steve is just a few minutes too late as TR is already dead.

Paulina probably feels that TR would never have come into their lives if she just stayed away from Salem. If Paulina had never came to town, Lani would never have found out the truth. Plus, Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) wouldn’t have known Lani was her sister, which is how TR found out. Of course, TR’s actions are not Paulina’s fault, but she will still feel responsible.

In order to protect Lani, Paulina confesses that she is the one who killed TR. However, will the police figure out the truth after an investigation? Could Paulina or Lani face legal problems as a result?

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