Chloe Campbell Is Missing And Her Parents Fear She’s Been Trafficked

Chloe Campbell Chloe Campbell is missing and has been for over a week. In fact, her parents are bedside themselves as she’s just 14 years old. Reportedly, she went missing after a football game at Boulder High School in Colorado at the end of last month, Since then, some very disturbing pictures emerged that made her parents feel that she might have been trafficked to another state.

Chloe Campbell – Missing And Peopled Search For Her

Ever since Gabby Petito went missing, people seem very aware that young women are at serious risk of harm. In fact, it’s been just over a year since Gabby’s parents heard that their daughter was dead. Her dad, Joe shared a particularly heartfelt tribute to her at the end of August. If there is any comfort to take from Gabby’s tragic end, it’s that her parents started a foundation that helps those in a similar situation.

Chloe Campbell going missing will probably come to the attention of Joe. Recall, when Kiely Rodni was missing in early August and was found dead, Joe posted his condolences to the family. Additionally, he talked about how this sort of thing brings the worst memories back for him. Hopefully, Chloe Campell will be found alive and can be nurtured back to full health. Right now, her family and friends search for her.

Chloe Campbell – Was Last Seen In The Company Of Two men

CBS Colorado carried the news about some disturbing images. On YouTube, her dad said that “eyewitnesses” saw her with two adult guys and one of them might have been “Asian.” Meanwhile, the other man “had a beard.” At that time, the witnesses thought that Chloe acted as if she had been drinking. Since then, some disturbing photos emerged that suggested that Chloe’s “unwell.”

Chloe Campbell Is Missing And Her Parents Fear She Has Been Trafficked
CBS Colorado / YouTube

The parents of Chloe Campbell are even more worried now as the images that emerged were sent anonymously. Apparently, they came via “third parties.” And, they are not familiar with the Snapchat account that shared them. It really crosses their minds, that she is being held against her will and that she might be injured. Clearly, they also worry that she might have been “trafficked.”

Chloe Campbell – Mom & Dad Appeal For Chloe Campbell’s Safe Return

Just in case Chloe Campbell is somewhere out there of her own volition, her mom and dad appealed for her to contact them and get home. Her mom assured her that they love her and she’s “not in trouble.” Additionally, they vowed that they “won’t stop” hunting for their daughter until they find her.

Additionally, it’s not helping that rumors on the internet suggest that she went to stay with “family in Arizona.” But, they have no family in that state. Other rumors suggest that she’d already been found dead. Notably, none of those rumors are true. So, folks with any information should contact the Boulder Police.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the missing teen. Come back here for more news about the Chloe Campbell case.

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