90 Day Fiancé Stars Jenny And Sumit’s Immigration Lawyer Sees Red Flags

90 Day Fiancé stars Jenny and Sumit
Jenny and Sumit [Image @jan_frmsan/Instagram]

90 Day Fiancé star Jenny has been exploring the idea of moving back to the US with Sumit. However, having seen an immigration lawyer, this could be a problem due to the 30-year age gap between them.

90 Day Fiancé star Jenny wants to take Sumit to the US

While Sumit Singh, 33, isn’t 100 percent behind the idea of leaving India for the US, Jenny Slatten, 64, has been exploring their options. Meanwhile, People shared a teaser for Sunday’s episode, where Jenny has her first contact with an immigration attorney. However, the first thing she learns is that their 30-year age gap will present a challenge. In fact, it looks like it will be difficult to convince the federal government that Jenny and Sumit’s love is real.

Talking to the cameras, Jenny, 64, admitted that she hasn’t told Sumit about her meeting with the immigration attorney, saying:

I feel bad for going behind his back, but I don’t want to scare him by telling him I’m starting this process.

Sumit doesn’t even want to consider moving to America, so if he knows that I’m talking to an immigration lawyer, it might upset him.

Meanwhile, the attorney tells Jenny that it will take at least two years for any formal decision to be made on Sumit’s possible visa. The attorney then wants to check their marital status, asking, “Are you a spinster in the US?”

When Jenny asks what the word “spinster” means, the attorney says it is a single woman who never married. At this, the 90 Day Fiancé star laughed off the comment, saying she divorced her last husband 20 years ago.

At this stage, the attorney finally realizes the big age gap between Jenny and Sumit. He tells Jenny:

The major question by the immigration department will be why a lady 64 years old is married to a guy who is only 33, 34 years old.

‘Green card’ marriage?

90 Day Fiancé stars Jenny and Sumit
Jenny and Sumit [Image Jenny Slatten/Facebook]

Realizing what the immigration attorney is getting at, Jenny hopes that the length of their relationship will be sufficient to prove they are not in a green card marriage.

Speaking to the cameras, she said she understands there is a big age gap between them, but they have been together for 10 years. Jenny added:

First, we had to go through proving our love to Sumit’s parents and now we have to continue doing it for immigration. I mean, we’ve stayed together this long – there’s a reason for it. Obviously, we love each other.

Why is Jenny hoping to move to the US with Sumit?

Jenny, Sumit and family
Sumit, Jenny and family [Image @jan_frmsan/Instagram]

90 Day Fiancé fans will recall that Jenny’s daughter visited them and was disappointed that Sumit’s family won’t accept Jenny as his wife. Moreover, they have even ostracized their own sun. In fact, Sumit has been struggling to reconnect with his family since their marriage. However, he is still not ready to leave India for the US as he still hopes to reconcile with them.

As for Jenny, she knows her family in America will welcome both of them with open arms, and believes this could be an option. However, it is unclear whether Sumit will ever agree to such a drastic move.

Watch the teaser on People’s website and then catch the episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? on Sunday at 8 pm ET on TLC and discovery+.

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