90 Day Fiancé Star Jasmine Pineda Shows Off Her “New Man”

‘90 Day Fiancé; Jasmine Pineda“90 Day Fiancé” spoilers, news, and updates tease that Jasmine Pineda posted a man on her social media account and claimed him to be her new love.

In her “90 Day” debut, viewers have hailed Jasmine Pineda to be one of the biggest villains in the show due to her jealous personality. She once got mad at her boyfriend, Gino Palazzolo, when he was talking to a waitress while ordering takeout and demanded to always let her know his whereabouts.

However, the coin must have been flipped that the viewers now got irritated with Gino since the day he shared Jasmine’s nude photo with his ex-girlfriend. The Panama resident even lost her job when Gino’s ex sent the photo to her workplace. After all the misunderstandings, Jasmine seemed to forgive her Michigan native boyfriend.

‘90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers – Jasmine Pineda Reveals Her New Love on Instagram

In one of her recent Instagram stories, Jasmine jokingly shared her “new man” online. She posted a photo of Eminem beside a woman, in which Jasmine covered the photo with her face. She captioned: “Before you find out somewhere else! Yes! I’m dating Eminem!”

“Jealous people will now say this picture is photoshopped,” Jasmine continued. Her followers found the post hilarious as the picture was obviously photoshopped.

After all the challenges Jasmine encountered with her love life, fans believed that the Panamanian beauty had moved on from her terrible experiences. However, after her post with Eminem, viewers wondered if Jasmine is already single.

‘90 Day Fiance’Spoilers – Jasmine Pineda Unveils Her New Self

As Jasmine continued to move forward, she made a comeback on social media but with a different Instagram account. In one of her recent posts, she shared a photo of her wearing a pink bikini and a leopard printed top.

She captioned: “Whoever feels like their life is perfect to judge on my life, make fun, hate me, or come with negativity, you can come and kiss my meaty, peachy, gym a**.” The post gained a lot of positive words from fans and friends who supported Jasmine since day one, telling her how beautiful and strong she is as a woman.

One fan asked her if she will be back to her old account, the TLC star answered, “Never ever, my dear! Too much toxicity and I’m dealing with very severe depression.” Another asked her what was going on, and Jasmine responded, “Old Jasmine is dead.”

Fans appreciated the Panamanian beauty even more, especially when she shared how she struggled and overcame her hair loss problems and her traumatizing experience with Gino that led her to losing her job.

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