90 Day Fiancé Star Debbie Johnson Spotted With The Single Life Date In Canada

90 Day Fiancé star Debbie Johnson might still be with Tony
Debbie Johnson [Image 90 Day Fiancé/YouTube]

Spoiler alert, after 90 Day Fiancé star Debbie Johnson was spotted on public transport with her date from The Single Life.

A 90 Day Fiancé fan has shared an image on Reddit, revealing Colt’s mom, Debbie Johnson traveling in Canada. However, it also revealed her on-screen date from 90 Day: The Single Life seated next to her. This appears to prove that Debbie and Tony are still together and going strong.

Debbie Johnson spoils 90 Day: The Single Life ending?

A Redditor and 90 Day Fiancé fan has recently posted an image of Debbie Johnson, with her boyfriend from the show, Tony, in Vancouver, Canada. This does seem to suggest that the pair is still together and going strong.

90 Day: The Single Life star Tony
Tony [Image 90 Day Fiancé/YouTube]

Debbie is recently known for her appearance on 90 Day: The Single Life, where she is seeking true love. However, 90 Day Fiancé fans will recall that she also starred on 90 Day Fiancé with her son, Colt Johnson. At that time, she had been single for 13 years, spending most of her time at home, being a parent. However, after Colt wed Vanessa Guerra, Debbie thought it was time for her to move on and look for a man.

When Johnson appeared in season 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life, she failed to find a suitable partner for a number of reasons. However, now she is starring in season 3 and things seem to be going well. In fact, it looks like she may have met the right man this time in Tony, her Canadian friend’s landlord. Previously, while Debbie was video chatting to Tony, she found him to be sweet. Despite this, Tony’s slim and tattooed physique wasn’t to her taste. However, after the latest sighting, it seems like they have made a connection. It is possible that Debbie has started to really like the Canadian native.

Spoiler for season 3

While season 3 is still in its early days, one 90 Day Fiancé viewer and Reddit member has likely spoiled Debbie’s ending by sharing an image of her with Tony.  In the post by username The_Chuckness88, an image is displayed with Debbie and Tony enjoying a train ride in British Columbia. While they are both wearing masks, it is easy to see the likeness.

Fan Spotting [09/14/2022]: "I knew it was Debbie i saw in Vancouver subway!🤣" from 90DayFiance

Meanwhile, the Redditor wrote, “Fan Spotting [09/14/2022]: I knew it was Debbie i saw in Vancouver subway!” Admittedly, the couple isn’t holding hands, but they do look comfortable spending time together. On top of this, they are both wearing matching black jackets, while gazing out the window.

Moreover, the post received a positive response from fans, with one writing:

Good for her, there have been tonnes of posts of her in van, it is nice to see this relationship working.

Another responded, writing, “And she’s still with Santa Claus! That’s really good news. I hope she’s happy.”

Meanwhile, other fans showed support to Debbie for getting away from her son. One wrote, “Good for her getting her own life away from that wildebeest, Coltee.”

However, other Redditors weren’t so convinced. One claimed that the image is from January. Moreover, another wrote, “OP is not from Vancouver, otherwise they would’ve called this the SkyTrain not the Vancouver “subway.” source: from Vancouver.”

However, another wrote: “The OP that posted the original picture seen her in January but just realized it was debbie when OP watched the single life episode.”

Whatever the truth, it would be good to see Debbie in a relationship with a good man. Unfortunately, 90 Day Fiancé fans will likely have to wait to find out. Keep watching season 3 of 90 Day: The Single Life to learn more.

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