90 Day Fiance: Alina Kasha And Caleb Greenwood Kiss

90 Day Fiance: Alina Kasha And Caleb Greenwood90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days spoilers reveal that Alina Kasha and Caleb Greenwood are getting closer and closer. Their first meeting was a little rough, but now it looks as if they have really bonded. Alina was a little upset when Caleb just showered and went to bed, but he was tired after flying for over 24 hours. Alina knew that she had to get over it and she did. The next morning, Caleb brings her coffee and they actually snuggle. When they get ready, they end up meeting Elijah for drinks and things get interesting.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers – The Trio Meets Up

On the latest episode of the show, the trio sits and has cocktails and begins to talk about their past relationships. Elijah feels that Caleb is rude because he is an American, but he does sit and listen to Caleb’s stories and he shares stories of his own. Alina talks a little about her past relationship and even Elijah tells Caleb that it was not good. Alina is pretty upset because she also has a big secret.

Alina has been hiding the fact that she has been living with her ex-boyfriend and they recently broke up on 90 Day Fiance. She hasn’t told Caleb about this and is terrified that this will break them up for good. While she is holding onto this secret, Caleb and crew have more drinks and Alina tells him that she wants to go back to their room. Elijah leaves to do his own thing and Alina and Caleb get to it.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers – The Kiss

When Caleb and Alina get to their room, things get really heated. He ends up throwing her on the bed and starts making out with her. Caleb tells cameras, “There’s a sense of serenity that wasn’t there with Elijah. I really want the romantic side of our relationship to work out. And the more time I spend with Alina, the more comfortable I get. And I feel like our connection is deepening.”

When we see them making out, it looks as if they may have gone a little bit further. We will have to stay tuned to see what happens next.

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