The Family Chantel Spoilers: Fans Diss On TLC For Scraping The Barrel

The Family Chantel The Family Chantel first appeared back in Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance. Karen Everette took fans aback with aggression and toxic hate. Well, the story continued in Happily Ever After? when Chantel and Pedro married. But, nothing happy ever happens on the show. One of the earliest spinoffs, the show simply delivers more and more ugliness, some fans complain. These days, it extends to Chantel’s brothers as well. But a teaser clip for the show just delivered something so mundane and boring, that fans dissed on TLC for scraping the barrel.

The Family Chantel – Grows So Unbelievable

So much of the family scenes involve yelling and shouting, that many people think it simply can’t be real. TLC is often accused of scripting it. Meanwhile, other critics think it’s wrong that such bad behavior is encouraged by the show. Of course, if nobody watched, then the network would drop it. So, presumably mesmerized by all bad behavior, fans keep on watching it. But, it seems that some folks grow tired of it now. So, when a teaser to keep fans interested arrived this week, fans dissed on TLC for scraping the barrel. For once, there was no toxicity. So, perhaps, the producers just an out if ugly things to dream up.

In October, when the latest season of The Family Chantel premiered, fans saw that Pedro was in deep trouble. Of course, he’s in trouble every season. But this time, the screaming and yelling started when his sister Nicole told Chantel, that he has been cheating on her. It soon became clear that Nicole is just causing a lot of trouble because Pedro doesn’t like her boyfriend. Well, nobody seems to like anybody very much in the show, but it brought a good deal of drama which seems to be why the show exists. So why deliver a mega-boring scene of Chantel revealing the contents of her handbag?

The Family Chantel Spoilers – Do Fans Hanker For The Family Chantel To Reveal Bag Contents

The teaser which emerged on TLC’s Instagram this week received a poor reception. Well, it begs the question: How many people who watch the show obsess over what Chantel might keep in her handbag? Clearly, not very many, judging by the comments that went in. In the teaser, and here’s a spoiler alert if you desperately hope to find out what she keeps in her bag, she revealed “a pair of sunglasses,”  some “hand sanitizer,” and some “dry shampoo.” Ready for more riveting reveals?  Well, out came a book, masks, perfume, and some cosmetics, a wallet, and some receipts.

The Family Chantel Spoilers Fans Diss On TLC For Scraping The Barrel

The Family Chantel fans seemed thoroughly bored and disinterested in the contents of Chantel’s bag. One of them wrote, “I have never wondered what is in another woman’s purse.” Then another fan wrote, “Waste of time ???.” This cement also arrived: “OMG WHO CARES? Is anyone this desperate??” Plus, another follower remarked, “omg – scaping the barrel now? Run out of toxicity to exploit?” One nastier comment noted, “Who cares !! She is an idiot!! Sorry but true ?.”

The Family Chantel Spoilers – What Are Your Thoughts On The Spinoff?

Is TLC scraping the barrel for content to keep The Family Chantel going? Do you think it’s time to just end the spinoff now? After all, it was toxic from the very beginning. The latest teaser showed less toxicity than usual, but did the handbag reveal just prove that without the toxic aspect, there really isn’t a storyline at all? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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