The Duggars Spoilers: What’s Next for Anna Duggar?

The Duggars The Duggars spoilers reveal that fans are very concerned about what will happen to Anna Duggar now that he husband is going to jail. She has seven kids that she has to take care of on her own now and some of her fans think it was pretty selfish of Josh Duggar to not think about the issues that he would cause if he got caught…and he did.

The Duggars – Anna Duggar And The Kids

With seven children, the youngest being one month old, Anna has her hands full right now. She is left with no husband because of his actions, but what does that mean for them? Josh will more than likely serve a lot of years in prison because of his actions and will face thousands of dollars in fines and fees. This will impact his family for the rest of their lives and could leave Anna penniless.

Anna hasn’t issued any type of statement yet about her husband’s charges and it seems that this has got to be heartbreaking for her. She has stood by Josh for years and has known a lot about his sex addiction and past. She has shown love through it all, but this could be the breaking point for her. Of course, her friends and fans are just telling her to get a divorce, but what will she do?

The Duggars – Can She Get Help?

A few years ago, when Josh had sexual assault charges against him, Anna’s brother offered to help her to get out of the marriage and financially. This could be the perfect time for her to call in that favor. Josh’s job was paying the bills, but now that she doesn’t have that income, what will she do?

Will she ask Jim Bob Duggar if she can run the used car lot? Will she find a job of her own? Will the family help her? No one knows what is next for her, but we hope it brings in some money.

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