Royal Family News: The Royal Ladies’ Breakfast Choices Are Not What You Might Expect

The Countess Of WessexBritish royal family news reveals that we all have to eat—not exactly the same things, but foodstuffs nonetheless. What do the United Kingdom royals eat for breakfast?

It seems the royal ladies take the adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day to heart since it seems they all have a morning routine, despite each being wildly different.

Here are a few of the interesting things on the menu for the royals in the morning.

Royal Family News – What Does The Countess Of Wessex Eat For Breakfast?

Prince Edward’s wife Sophie Wessex prefers to eat a clean and healthy diet, and her morning meal is no exception. Lily Simpson wrote The Detox Kitchen and she told the Daily Mail that clear complexioned Sophie most likely keeps to a balanced diet. She noted, “A diet of plant-based foods and lean protein has had a huge impact on the appearance of skin, as does keeping well hydrated and getting proper sleep.”

In 2009, Sophie was seen drinking a berry fruit smoothie, so like her fellow royal Duchess Kate they may both enjoy such drinks in the morning.

Royal Family News – What Does Zara Tindall Eat For Breakfast?

Zara welcomed her first daughter Mia in 2015 and revealed at that time that her breakfast choices quick and easy. She told the Sunday Times Magazine that her morning began at 7am with Greek yogurt and honey, which she ate before using the exercise bike at her home on the Gatcombe Park estate.

Royal Family News – What Does Kate Middleton Eat For Breakfast?

According to the MailOnline, Kate typically blends together a mixture of kale, spirulina, matcha, spinach, romaine, cilantro and blueberries for a robust morning drink.

It’s also thought that Prince William’s wife enjoys a bowl of oatmeal to start off her day and that she enjoys healthy smoothies.

Royal Family News – What Does The Queen Eat For Breakfast?

House and Garden spilled the tea that the Queen kickstarts her day with pet dogs beside her and a cup of Earl Grey tea in front of her. Rounding out the sparse meal is a plate of biscuits.

But then comes the main meal! She eats her main breakfast in her private dining room and it includes several of her favorites including cereal, yogurt, toast and marmalade.

Apparently the Queen also likes fish for breakfast. This was written in Dinner at Buckingham Palace, a book from royal servant Charles Oliver. The book claimed that the Queen, “has been partial to kippers since the war years,” when she and Princess Margaret were at Windsor Castle.

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