Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth Told Prince Harry Never Coming Back

Queen ElizabethBritish royal family news divulges that the longest reigning monarch, the UK’s Queen Elizabeth, has been given a reality check concerning her mouthy and indiscrete grandson Prince Harry, Duke Of Sussex.

According to one royal editor, Her Majesty should realize that Prince Harry is never coming back to The Firm after having run away to America.

Royal Editor Rob Jobson went on Good Morning America to urge Buckingham Palace and the Queen to accept that Harry has forged a new life for himself and called his new path a, “brilliant move for him.”

It was recently announced that Harry is a life coach at startup company BetterUp and it boggles the mind to think of him as advising others on how to chart a proper life course.

Indeed, his actual title, made up especially for him, is “Chief Impact Officer” and what he will really do day-to-day is still a murky concept.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Finally Has A Job In His Mid-30’s

According to Jobson, “The Palace has got to accept that Harry is not coming back to be a full-time working royal. He’s made that very clear, it gives him something positive to do on a daily basis. And I think for a young man who has great experience in management and putting people together it’s a brilliant move for him.”

Omid Scobie whose claim to fame is being Harry’s wife’s “soul mate” and writing a gushing bio of the pair, also appeared on the show. Scobie chimed in to add his two cents on Harry’s sensational new job. He enthused, “This of course is not his first big role. As a working member of the Royal Family, he’s used to busy schedules and living up to a very big title. So the nerves are more going to be with the company than Harry himself.”

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Is Employed By BetterUp

Harry’s employer reportedly charges £364 a month for its services. What does one get for this sum? The company provides AI and personalized coaching for anyone who wants to, “accelerate members’ long-term professional development and drive personal growth.”

Harry is good at driving—he drove the bus that ran over his family in spectacular fashion during his tattle tale Oprah Winfrey interview on March 7.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Can Teach Others How To Drive Themselves To Success

In addition to his role at the startup, Harry has deals with Spotify and Netflix worth several million to produce content for their platforms; to date he has produced nothing.

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