Royal Family News: Prince William Told Peter Phillips To Stand Between Him And Harry At Funeral

British royal family news divulges that there was a perfectly good reason why their cousin Peter Phillips walked in between Prince William and Harry during Prince Philip’s funeral procession yesterday—Wills told him to.

What can we read between those fraught lines? The fussin’ and feudin’ bros were bolstered by Princess Anne’s son as they walked behind the Duke of Edinburgh’s coffin as it made its way to St. George’s Chapel in Windsor yesterday afternoon.

It was a historic moment, the first time William and Harry appeared together in a year and all eyes were on their body language or lack of it.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Traveled to the UK

Commentators are reporting that the brothers appeared to reconcile as they left the chapel after the service, but with a distinct icy feel to their interaction.

Sources told The Mail on Sunday that Harry has experienced, “a great deal of frostiness,” from several relatives since his return and subsequent holing up at Frogmore Cottage, the house he eschewed as not good enough after it was given to him and wife Meghan as a wedding present by the Queen.

According to report, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie did not acknowledge Harry before or during yesterday’s service.

One insider noted, “Ironically the only one who has expressed any sympathy towards him is Prince Andrew.” Perhaps it’s a bit of misery loves company sentiment?

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Had to Wear A Warm Coat

“He knows from Sarah Ferguson – and now first-hand – how it feels to be the outsider, which Harry very much is.” That’s due to Harry’s destructive decision to tell all the dirty laundry about his famous family to Oprah Winfrey at the same time Philip was on his death bed in the hospital.

“As far as the others are concerned, there is a deep sense of protection towards the Queen and resentment towards Harry. There is little sympathy for him after what he and Meghan said on Oprah.”

Royal Family News – What Damage Did Traitorous Harry Do?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex accused the Royals of institutional racism and said one member of the family questioned what color their son Archie’s skin would be.

The family, “They are still very upset,’ the source added. “They are putting on a united front for the Queen. They all think he has behaved appallingly.”

It is no wonder that they could have wondered if anything innocently said would be repeated on Oprah the next day, further slamming the royals’ reputation.

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