Royal Family News: Prince Charles Owns Britain’s Oldest What?!

British royal family news reveals that Prince Charles may not be king (yet) but he does hold title to one very significant item. He has what may be Scotland’s oldest refrigerator. The Frigidaire fridge is keeping things cool at Castle of Mey in Scotland, and may be the oldest in the realm.

The Mail on Sunday reported that Edmund Garrod’s icebox is 56 years old and now its readers are sharing their stories of loyal appliances. Retired hairdresser Allan Newing wrote to say that he has a Vesta hairdryer in its original packaging from the 1930s.

Newing, who ran a chain of salons in Kent and had finalists in the Royal Albert Hall’s annual hairdresser competitions, said it was as good as new.

Royal Family News – Prince Charles Lays Claim To Something Very Old

The 5ft 8in tall Frigidaire at the castle in Caithness has been there almost as long as the Queen has reigned. It was made in 1954 and is shown on tours.

The late Queen Mother bought it in 1954 two years after she purchased the Castle of Mey. Prince Charles visits every August and uses it for his convenience.

The only time it was out of service was in 2000 when modern technology was introduced that seemed to upset its temperature control; it was put on blocks and has worked perfectly ever since.

Royal Family News – Prince Charles Will One Day Be King

Shirley Farquhar is the castle’s managing director and of the appliance she said, it is an, “essential part of the kitchen. It was certainly built to last.”

The Queen Mother had a reputation for frugality and personally chose it proving she had an eye for good products worth their value.

The Queen Mother died in 2002 at the age of 101.

She first saw what was then Barrogill Castle while mourning the death of her husband, King George VI. She reportedly declared, “It’s part of Scotland’s heritage. I’ll save it.”

The Mail on Sunday revealed that modern appliances will now have to be bult to last longer amid concern over environmental damage—this one takes the cake!

Royal Family News – Prince Charles Has A Fascinating Legacy

Future plans include a requirement to stock spare parts for seven years after devices are sold, labelling that indicates an appliance’s expected lifespan, and a new Union Flag kitemark to uphold a ‘world-beating standard’. All of this sounds very well thought out and should make environmentalist Charles happy.

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