My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Way Thore Scares Off French Man?

Whitney Way ThoreMy Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers indicate that Whitney Way Thore has invited her Frenchman on her family vacation in Maine. Will the Frenchman be scared off by the family? Will things work out between Whitney and the Frenchman?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life  – Hit And Miss Meeting

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney has wanted to meet the Frenchman since they started talking in the language app. However, things have been shut down when it comes to travel between overseas countries and the United States. Now that things are opening up, Whitney has a renewed interest in meeting her Frenchman.

Unfortunately, now that things are changing, the Frenchman is starting to seem nervous about meeting Whitney. Whitney and the Frenchman have decided to take a break until he decides if he can handle Whitney’s life. After all, Chase Severino was attacked online by Whitney supporters and the Frenchman wants no part of this type of attack. Can the Frenchmen deal with being with someone who has this big of a social media presence?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life  – Reconnection And Commitment

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney thought things with the Frenchman were over. However, to Whitney’s surprise, the Frenchman wanted to come to the states to meet her. However, the only date that the Frenchman can come is in the middle of Whitney’s family vacation. Whitney already has all of her friends going on the family vacation with her. Now Whitney has invited the Frenchman to join them. Whitney has advised the Frenchman to get a flexible return ticket in case things do not work out. This warning in itself seems very ominous. Is the visit already doomed before it starts?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life  – Hunter Is Not Happy

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Hunter Thorne is not the slightest bit happy with Whitney’s decision to invite the Frenchman on their vacation. Hunter had hoped to have family and friends and no drama at all. Unfortunately, the new addition to the trip has Hunter very apprehensive about the trip.

As Hunter has said, Whitney’s love life has been a trainwreck for some time. Will the addition of the Frenchman be any different? Whitney already has an ongoing tiff with Ashley Baynes over firing her from No BS Active. Will the added tension of an unknown person make this even worse? Will this family vacation turn out to be the worst vacation on record so far?

Will Whitney finally get to meet her Frenchman? Will the Frenchman back out before the vacation even starts?

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