Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Posts Perfect Response To Instagram Mockers

Long Island MediumLong Island Medium star Theresa Caputo has a message for any Internet trolls who want to come for her. Don’t mess with the Long Island Medium! In response to those who dared to mock her, Caputo just posted the perfect clap-back on Instagram. 

Check out Theresa’s newest post. And see exactly what the trolls shared that got her so riled below. 

Long Island Medium  – Theresa Caputo Gets Trolled On Instagram

Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo often shares insights into her thoughts as well as pics from her busy life on Instagram. And fans love the reality TV star’s fondness for sky-hair hairstyles and over-the-top makeup. But into every celebrity life, at least one or two trolls eventually show up. And that’s just what Theresa recently experienced. 

The backlash began when Caputo shared an Instagram pic of herself looking “holiday party ready,” as she wrote in the caption. In the photo, the Long Island Medium star flaunted a bright blonde up-do hairstyle, complete with perfectly placed, swept to the side bangs and long locks that flowed over her shoulders. Thick mascara on her eyelashes, rouged cheeks, and a glossy pink lipstick completed the picture. 

And then came the trolls. “Hair extensions and a rats nest on the top, time for a makeover,” recommended one critic. And the backlash didn’t end there. “And caked-on way too heavy and too much make up.” Other slams included “your hair looks ridiculous” and “dump the hair.” And yet another troll mocked, “I can only imagine how much hairspray that took to hold!”

Long Island Medium  -Theresa Caputo Claps Back At Instagram Haters

The Long Island Medium star didn’t have far to travel to find the perfect way to clapping back at those who mocked her. Turning back to Instagram, Theresa Caputo shared a photo of herself with some impressively attired look-alikes, who had even higher hair and more makeup than the Long Island Medium herself! 

“I’m obsessed! A night I’ll never forget,” gushed Caputo of the show. “Amazing performances. Thank you Queens. 👑 👑👑 #howthebitchstolechristmas #longislandmedium.”

Theresa’s backup squad for responding to those trolls came from the opening night of the event, “How The Bitch Stole Christmas!” That evening featured New York City drag queens in a take-off of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.” And as Caputo proved, no trolls can steal her own holiday joy! 

Long Island Medium

In addition to her clap-back with her supporters, Theresa shared about her newest podcast on Instagram. The Long Island Medium star invited fans to listen to her newest podcast episode of “Hey Spirit,” adding, “it’s literally mind blowing! Then call 1-866-822-7886 and you may be my next guest 💫#longislandmedium #heyspiritpodcast #thursday.” 

What do you think of the Long Island Medium star deciding to enlist a group of New York City drag queens for the ultimate clap-back to trolls? Share your views. And then check back on our site for all the news about Theresa Caputo. 


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