Josh Duggar Trial: Jury Asks To Review Some Important Evidence

Josh Duggar

The Josh Duggar trial draws to a close following the presentations by the prosecution and the defense. Arguments followed, and now the jury deliberates. The accusations that the TLC alum downloaded and possessed child pornography are serious. So, fans of Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting shouldn’t expect an instant result from the jury. The jury will continue tomorrow, but interestingly, they did request to review some important evidence. That might suggest that some of them conflict with others: not a great sign for those hoping for a fast guilty verdict.

Josh Duggar Trial Introduced Experts With Differing Ideas

It’s not only Counting On fans who eagerly followed the media as the trial played out. However, they are the ones on social media, who provide the most feedback. So, when the brother-in-law of Anna and Josh, Austin Forsyth emerged from court, fans thought he looked like he’d been crying. Well, it’s been an emotional trial. But, the bottom line is, it came down to the evidence presented by both the prosecution and the defense experts. When the jury asked to review some important evidence on Wednesday, it could have related to evidence as presented by the defense expert, Michele Bush.

When the Josh Duggar trial heard the prosecution expert, James Fottrell testify, it looked like an open and shut case. However, when the defense produced their expert, it looked like it might not be as ironclad as first suspected. The defense took the angle that a possibility exists that someone else accessed the computer at the car sales office. In fact, Bush even suggested that a hacker could have potentially remotely accessed the porn via a vulnerable network. Notably, Josh hinted at that that when he was first interviewed. And that’s what the jury wanted to review.

Josh Duggar Trial – Jury Reviews Evidence

Hollywood Hiccups reported that the jury saw some highly disturbing footage of young kids being molested. The defense and the prosecution agreed that the offensive material had been downloaded and viewed. However, the defense took the line that someone other than Josh might have accessed it. Actually, it really was their main focus point during the trial. Well, it’s up to the jury to decide, and that is a massive responsibility. After all, it only takes one juror to buy into the fact that the probability is reasonable, for the case to end in the favor of the Duggar’s oldest son.

Josh Duggar Trial Jury Asks To Review Some Important Evidence

Adam Carlson, writing for People Magazine reported that the jury in the Josh Duggar trial wanted to “review the audio from the former 19 Kids and Counting star’s interview with law enforcement on Nov. 8, 2019.” It came when “Homeland Security agents were searching his car lot and seizing his electronic devices.” Adam pointed out that it included Josh talking about how he uses his “devices, discussing how he set up the work router and recently reconfigured it for security.” it seemed he was quite familiar with that sort of thing. Additionally, he talked about the various dark web browsers used. However, he also mentioned that he felt someone else might have accessed the laptop.

Accused TLC Star Talked About Illicit Content

The Josh Duggar trial defense ran the same argument as Josh. He talked about someone else downloading the material. Right from the start, Josh suggested another employee might have done it, though he spotted no “red flags.” At the time, he said that he “expected the investigators will be able to “narrow it down” as to the source of the illicit content.” Somewhere in all of that, the jurors felt they need to clarify something. For now, folks need to be patient to find out if it has any bearing on the final outcome.

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