Below Deck Mediterranean: Per Captain Sandy, Hannah Ferrier Is ‘Still Angry’ About Being Fired

Below Deck Mediterranean“For me, it wasn’t personal. It’s about my career.”

This is what the Below Deck Mediterranean captain told Us Weekly about her reasoning with regard to the firing of chief stew Hannah Ferrier, explaining that when a crew member shows her something and the rest of the crew “copies” it – her hands are tied.

She said this while explaining that Hannah was still not talking to her and, apparently, still angry at her over the ejection.

Below Deck Mediterranean – Captain Sandy Says She Had ‘No Choice”

The 56-year-old yacht captain went on to say that “when the trust level is broke” for her as the captain, she’s not taking anyone out to sea.

“You know how many people try to take my license over the years because of things that happen?”

So, after a year, the former chief stew and the captain have not spoken to each other.

Fans will recall that the 34-year-old chief stew and Captain Sandy had worked together for three years from 2017 to 2020.

The captain made the decision to let the chief stew go after Malia White reported her for possessing a valium and a CBD vape pen.

Below Deck Mediterranean – Just A Matter Of Maritime Law

For Captain Sandy, this was simply a matter of maritime law, and she had no choice but to fire the stew.

The reality TV star, who said she has “a maritime lawyer on speed dial” no longer bears any ill will to her former chief stew even though they didn’t see eye-to-eye on the boat.

Sandy went on to say that Hannah “has got her dream. She’s living her dream” referencing Hannah’s new baby girl, Ava, born in October of 2020.

The reality TV captain went on to describe the consternation she had over the firing but ultimately said “I wish her the best.”

Hannah has previously revealed to Us Weekly that Sandy had attempted to reach out to her after she announced her pregnancy.

Below Deck Mediterranean – ‘It Was A Hundred Percent Personal’

The former chief stew said that Sandy had wanted an address so that she could send Hannah a gift and Hannah never responded.

She had said that she felt like Sandy wasn’t being honest with herself and that what she said was “not personal” actually was.

She said that others had prescription meds in the past and didn’t get fired for them.

“The wasn’t a need to fire me for that. It was a hundred percent personal.”

It was clear that Hannah wasn’t looking to reconcile with her former captain it seemed that she wasn’t averse to hashing these issues out with Sandy.

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