90 Day Fiancé Stars Julia And Brandon Share Interests In Epic Images

90 Day Fiancé: Julia Trubkina And Brandon Gibbs90 Day Fiancé star Julia Trubkina has celebrated a major milestone in her career in the US by posting epic images to Instagram. While Brandon Gibb’s wife is always busy on social media, these particular photos really take the cake. Meanwhile, Brandon also shared an epic image, proving that they have shared interests in life.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Stars Julia Trubkina And Brandon Gibbs

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? fans have been following the life of Russian beauty, Julia Trubkina, on the TLC reality show. They first saw her travel from her home in Russia to Richmond, Virginia, to be with Brandon Gibbs. During her K-1 visa journey, Julia struggled with living on the farm with Brandon’s overbearing parents. However, the couple did get married and are now living in their own place.

Brandon and Julia are certainly now living the good life together and are obviously happy. However, Julia, a former go-go dancer, has been exploring career options while living in the States. She recently told her followers on Instagram about her first stand-up comedy performance in Richmond. However, since then, Julia has opened up to reveal that she is returning to modeling.

In a recent Instagram post, Julia explained that she could never work as a runway model, due to her height. However, she is now exploring photographic modeling, without Photoshop enhancements.

In her caption, she wrote, “stand-up is not the only thing I started doing. I decided to return to work as a model. I am small, I have never been a catwalk model, but I worked as a model for photography. now the model is changing a little, many girls use so much photoshop, honestly I’m not a fan of photoshop. the maximum that can be corrected is this lighting so we didn’t use any editors.”

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers  – Julia Trubkina, Licensed To Drive

Julia’s latest post reveals that she now has a license to drive in America. She posted a series of images, posing on a motorcycle, wearing a black, wind-blown gown and matching motorcycle helmet.

In her caption, Trubkina wrote, “I now have a driver’s license for a car,” adding, “At the moment, Brandon is teaching me how to ride a motorcycle.” She now believes she will have her motorcycle license by the spring of 2022. Julia also mentions that the “black motorcycle is mine now.”

90 Day Fiancé:Julia Trubkina And Brandon Gibbs

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Brandon Gibbs Has A ‘New Wife’

According to Julia’s husband, Brandon, she hasn’t always liked motorcycles, while he has always loved them. However, it looks like that is changing after his wife’s latest post.

Meanwhile, Brandon made a post of his own, posing on a new, blue motorcycle. He jokingly captioned the image, “My new wife! No visa required and it costs less.” Julia commented, hopefully joking, by writing, “I go Russia.”

After all the struggles with Brandon’s parents on the farm, it looks like Julia has come full circle and is enjoying sharing hobbies with her husband. Once Julia has her motorcycle license, it sounds like they will be taking a few road trips together!

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