The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt Faces Balancing Act – Sally Thrilled To Be With True Love

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers document that Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) has achieved what he was hoping. Sally Spectra’s (Courtney Hope) agreement to move in allows her to be in a familiar location with the man she loves as the last weeks of her life likely play out.

The above does establish a balancing act for Wyatt, however. He’s not admitted to knowing that Sally is dying. Katie Logan (Heather Tom) made the right decision in telling Wyatt, despite being repeatedly warned by Sally not to share her diagnosis, especially with Brooks’ character.

Sally is naturally thrilled and relieved to be back with Wyatt. This happened after he ended their relationship twice since last summer, with both instances relating to his stronger feelings for Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden).

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers – First Secret Just Under The Surface

The first secret is of the surface variety. Wyatt knows that Sally has some form of a terminal condition. Katie and he know more than the audience, as fans haven’t been told what’s actually wrong with Sally.

Part of Katie’s condition in telling Wyatt was that he keep this knowledge to himself. He’s done so in order to protect Sally’s wishes and to preserve the trust she has in Katie.

Brief interactions with Sally allowed Wyatt to maintain his stance. But living with her will surely test his ability to act as though everything is alright. Hope’s character is already suspicious, which lends viewers to believe that she’s certain to learn the truth.

The Bold and The Beautiful – Reveal Of Deeper Secret Threatens Wally’s Reunion

Sally would be angry with Katie if she learns that Wyatt knows about her diagnosis. But it’s plausible that Sally would be willing to overlook the matter based on the emotional connection she thinks has been reestablished.

But the deeper secret is that Wyatt and Flo have created a ruse in order to make the Wally reunion possible. Wyatt implied that he and Flo were having problems and those issues helped him to realize that he wanted to be with Sally again.

Sally could leave in fury if she comes to know that Wyatt has been lying. She’d not feel that her trust was violated and that Wyatt chose to be with her due to pity. That realization probably couldn’t be talked away.

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers – Pressed For Time Unless It Extends

The diagnosis Sally received in February involved having approximately a month to live. B&B fans are expecting Sally to perish in March as her physical condition has been worsening and she’s sought no other medical opinion, or possible treatment options.

Katie is hoping that Sally confides in Wyatt as soon as possible. At that point Wyatt could be influential in convincing Sally that she must try to save herself. But a change in this storyline could happen through a physical collapse. With whatever happens, the audience is anticipating some type of dramatic turn soon.

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