The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: What’s Keeping Katherine Kelly Lang Busy When Not On B&B?

The Bold and the Beautiful: Katherine Kelly Lang ( Brooke Logan )Katherine Kelly Lang may be busy shooting scenes for her role as Brooke Logan on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” but there’s something else that’s also taking up her time when she’s not on set. Viewers may recall that she recently open Benheart in Beverly Hills in December last year and she’s got her hands full ever since.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Ben Mbarek’s Story

Lang and her real-life partner Dominique Zoida were in Florence, Italy when their business partnership with no other than designer Hicham Ben Mbarek was born. Lang recalled how inspiring Ben’s story is. She shared how getting a heart transplant helped him become who he is now.

The actress revealed that every item in Ben’s fashion line reflects his “ his passion, his love for life and people, and his gratitude, and I think you can feel that in the product. It’s more like a way of life and not just a fashion plan. That’s the idea behind it,” the actress said.

Benheart carries a lot of items ranging from wallets, jackets, shoes, to handbags. She guarantees that every piece is handmade in Florence. The actress added that Benheart “is not a fashion brand; it’s a lifestyle.”

The actress and Dom met Ben through friends of friends. When they visited Ben’s store in Florence, they fell in love with everything right away.

B&B Spoilers – Katherine Kelly Lang’s Fashion Style

Lang was raised in fashion. Her mother, Judy Lang, had her own clothing store and she worked there during her younger years. Her love for fashion also helped her when she entered the entertainment industry because it’s about fashion, too, including “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Lang describes fashion as an extension of herself. It reflects not only her mood but who she is. When it comes to her personal dressing style, the actress admitted that her casual wear is made up of t-shirts, sneakers, boots or sandals. For parties, she usually wears a dress and high heels. When it comes to working, she’ll wear whatever is picked out for her.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Kelly Lang Opens New Store Before The Holidays

Lang shared how busy they were when they opened their shop just before Christmas. They were busy as early as 5 in the morning but they managed to get everything in just four days, which was an exciting experience for her.

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