Queen Elizabeth Urged To Go Into Lockdown As Coronavirus Spreads – Monarch refuses

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth is performing her royal duties as usual, although some engagements have been postponed or canceled. There is a concern for the monarch as the coronavirus pandemic spreads. Some believe she should be self-isolating and the palace needs to go under lockdown until the threat is over. Queen Elizabeth is taking precautions and staying calm. However, it is reported that changes have already been made due to pandemic.

Royal Engagements Postponed or Canceled

Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth has always taken her royal duties seriously. She rarely lets anything get in the way of her responsibilities. However, she wouldn’t put her life on the line in the middle of a pandemic. Even though she is continuing to carry out her royal duties, there have been changes to her schedule. According to Express, the 93-year-old has put her Cheshire and Camden engagements on hold for the time being.

It is stated that all other engagements will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Sensible Precaution and Practical Reasons

Even though Prince Charles reportedly refuses to give handshakes due to the pandemic, Queen Elizabeth is still doing so. However, she has on a pair of gloves as a layer of protection. She is also taking other precautionary measures. Most importantly, she is remaining calm, cool and collected during the coronavirus crisis.

A spokesperson for Queen Elizabeth confirmed that for safety measures, there will be changes to the Queen’s future diary commitments.

“As a sensible precaution and for practical reasons in the current circumstances, changes are being made to the Queen’s diary commitments in the coming weeks.”

Buckingham Palace Lockdown Possible

Even though there is no lockdown at the moment, that could change at any time. The Royal Family is following the advice of national health organizations, their doctors and the government. It is business as usual with additional precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

If Buckingham Palace actually did go under lockdown, it would mean no entries and no exits for anyone, no matter the reason. It would likely be for at least two weeks, but the lockdown could last longer depending on infection rates and other factors.

Coronavirus: Forced Into Self-Isolation?

Due to Queen Elizabeth being in her 90s, that puts her in a high-risk category. It means she is more susceptible to getting the virus, but it also increases the risk of health complications, including death. If necessary, the monarch could be forced into self-isolation. In fact, royal expert Phil Dampier told Express,

“I can’t imagine the Palace powers will want her meeting and greeting thousands of people, particularly at her age, if the cases escalate.”

How Pandemic Is Affecting Royal Family

Coronavirus is affecting many members of the Royal Family in different ways. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall have postponed their overseas tour. It is speculated that Princess Beatrice might have to delay her wedding day yet again due to the pandemic. Additionally, royal engagements are being canceled or postponed. Like Queen Elizabeth, some are wearing gloves and others are refusing to shake hands period.

It is expected that coronavirus will peak in May, but that is just an educated guess. With infectious diseases, there are certain patterns, but experts also have to combine that with a “wait and see approach.”

Do you think Queen Elizabeth should be self-isolating and Buckingham Palace should go under lockdown? Or do you feel that she is taking enough precautionary measures for the time being? Let us know your thoughts on coronavirus and how it’s affecting the Royal Family.

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