Prince Harry’s Jealousy Of Prince William And Kate Middleton Is Jaw Dropping

According to The Conversation, Princes William and Harry have been compared to each other since forever. That is not unlike what many siblings face, growing up in the same household and attending the same schools; the comparison is inevitable. But apparently it was just recently that younger brother Harry began to emerge from William’s long shadow.

After all, William is the heir while Harry is the spare. No shame in that though, how many of us are in such a position? But apparently it wasn’t until Meghan Markle came along that Harry began to feel his oats. And, before that, he reportedly felt like a third wheel when with William and his wife Kate Middleton. Who knew? Wasn’t it Harry himself who said Kate was the sister he never had?

Was The World Wrong About Harry And His Place In The Royal Realm?

For years, Prince William and Prince Harry were known as the heir and the spare but could Harry have been insulted by the innocuous allusion? Apparently so. The bio Finding Freedom has let all the cats out of the proverbial bag, and one of the hidden secrets is that Harry is notoriously thin-skinned and sensitive.

According to Us Weekly, a source says he, “felt like a spare part,” living in Prince William’s shadow, and that, “there were blatant jealousy issues and a huge power struggle from Harry’s side.”

A New Report Says Prince Harry Didn’t Like Being The Third Wheel To Prince William And Kate Middleton

Wow. Just what did Harry think was going to happen? That the Queen would wave her magic wand and declare Harry the heir to the throne? Was this one of the reasons why he forged Megxit, long-simmering anger over his role in the family? It seems absurd, but it is claimed that as William and Kate’s popularity rose, Harry began to feel outshined and life became a chore.

“All eyes were on the future king of England and his wife,” the source told Us Weekly. “The queen and her aides put a huge amount of their time and energy into preparing Kate for her future role. Harry felt totally sidelined. With Kate becoming a prominent figure in the royal family and successfully working her way up the royal ladder, Harry was overwhelmed with anger and resentment, like it was two against one.”

Harry really needed a teddy bear, didn’t he?

It’s Hard To Believe That Harry Could Be Jealous Of His Brother And Angry Over His Over-Indulged, Entitled, Privileged Lot In Life

It’s alleged when Kate and William made an appearance with Harry he was known to, “tag along,” and perhaps this wasn’t as easy on him as it looked to be? Alas, things have gotten better for Harry as he is now off on his own, albeit arguably in the shadow of another scene-stealer.

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