Prince Andrew In Hot Water After Ghislaine Maxwell Arrest?

Prince Andrew Perhaps it’s for the best that Randy Andy aka Prince Andrew has been taken out of the royal rotation, no longer allowed to represent his family at public events. Because no doubt he would be asked about the stunning arrest of his purported pal Ghislaine Maxwell.

Maxwell has been described as the “pimp” for Andrew’s friend, the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Both Epstein and Maxwell allegedly are and were up to their eyeballs in sordid behavior that included procuring underage girls for sexual abuse by both Epstein and Maxwell.

One widely circulated picture shows Andrew in the middle of the unsavory mess, with his arm around one of the alleged victims, Virginia Giuffre, and a grinning Maxwell on her other side.

Andrew Has Not Spoken To The FBI Although They Have Asked For His Cooperation For Six Months

The FBI has asked Andrew for at least six months now to speak to them about his knowledge of the ugly situation. Now that Maxwell has been arrested will he finally comply or will he dig his heels in deeper?

They wish to question Andrew about any involvement he may have had, despite him denying wrongdoing, most famously in a car crash interview he had with the BBC last year. That interview reportedly took place despite palace aides advising against it. After the interview in which Andrew aimed to clear the air regarding his association with Maxwell and Epstein, the queen yanked him from public duties. It was a clear indication that he failed in his mission to make himself look better.

Is The Royal Family Wondering What Happens To Andrew Now That His Acquaintance Has Been Arrested?

Andrew has claimed that he has offered to be a witness in the case, but US prosecutors reveal that he has not returned their requests for questioning.

Now, a source close to Andrew says, “The Duke’s team remains bewildered given that we have twice communicated with the DOJ in the last month and to-date, we have had no response.”

Who should one believe in regard to the contradicting statements? Prince Andrew who claims the picture of him hugging an underaged Virginia Giuffre was photoshopped, the man who has a record of not paying his debts, the boss who has been accused of making an unauthorized payment to an aide, or the authorities who have just got their woman and are now gunning for their man?

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