Piers Morgan Believes Queen Elizabeth ‘Must’ Strip Meghan Markle of All Titles

Piers Morgan, the outspoken and sometimes controversial co-host of the U.K.’s ITV breakfast show ‘Good Morning Britain,’ Tweeted out something with which many find themselves in agreement. Mr. Morgan suggested blatantly that, following Meghan Markle’s recent speech where she strongly hinted at which American political party her audience should vote for, Queen Elizabeth is duty-bound to take Prince Harry and Meghan’s royal titles from them.

Piers Morgan’s Tweet read, “They can’t remain as royals & spout off about foreign elections in such a brazenly partisan way.” Many within the U.K. and the Commonwealth nations are aghast at the way the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have flouted Royal protocol and tradition since “stepping down” from their positions as senior members of the British Royal Family.

Indeed, most feel as Mr. Morgan does, that if Prince Harry (and especially Meghan Markle) are going to act like those who are not in the monarchy, then under no circumstances should they be afforded the privileges to which British Royals are accustomed.

Meghan Pushes A Particular Narrative

Piers Morgan was referencing a recent talk given by Meghan Markle by video call, which was hosted by “When All Women Vote.” During her talk, Meghan Markle ranted about issues that are current talking points by the Democratic Party. In particular, Meghan Markle made specific comments like, “if you aren’t going out there and voting, then you’re complicit.” As Mr. Morgan and others have noted, Meghan’s comment was a not so subtle dig at the Trump presidency.

In other words, if Meghan’s audience is “complicit” by not voting … what are they complicit in? With whom would Meghan Markle’s audience be “complicit?” The answer is rather obvious when one knows Meghan Markle’s history vis-à-vis President Trump. Neither the duchess nor Prince Harry for that matter has hidden their distaste for America’s current president.

Meghan Markle also pushed the idea that one side of America’s political divide is attempting voter suppression. Meghan stated that “we look at the attempts of voter suppression and what that’s doing, all the more reason we need each of you to be out there supporting each other to understand that this fight is worth fighting and we all have to be out there mobilizing to have our voices heard. If you aren’t going out there and voting, then you’re complicit.”

Following her comments, Piers Morgan Tweeted, “The Queen must strip the Sussexes of their titles.”

Meghan Has Become Increasingly Political Since Leaving The U.K.

Meghan’s recent comments to the When All Women Vote event are but the tip of the iceberg. Since leaving the U.K. she and Prince Harry both have taken every opportunity to shove their “privacy loving” faces straight back into the media. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have taken every chance presented to them to get in front of cameras and to express their political views. (Harry has limited his to a few comments about “recognizing the past” of the Commonwealth nations, etc. Of course, even those brief comments of Harry’s set off a firestorm of negativity in the U.K.)

In any case, since moving to California there has been speculation that Meghan Markle would actually end up running for political office herself considering how much of an obvious activist she’s become.

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