Meghan Markle’s Case Against Press A “Complete Disaster”

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry PhotosA “disaster,” a “humiliation,” “irrelevant,” and, “inadequate,” is the verdict on Meghan Markle’s legal stunt against Associated Newspapers. Ouch?

Adding to her legal embarrassment, a top judge today dismissed big chunks of her case calling them “impermissibly vague,” most notably her accusation that the media hold a malicious “agenda” against her.

Speaking to MailOnline, Gavin Millar QC, of Matrix Chambers, said, “The case presented to the court was overblown. This is a simple claim about a letter and five articles – and cannot be turned into a mini public inquiry into Associated’s reporting about them. The judge is right to push back against that. The court doesn’t allow public figures to do that – it would have a chilling effect on freedom of speech.”

For those who held out hope that their heroine would be vindicated in the court of law, sorry guys, the law holds the same opinion of the former cable actress as those who preside in the court of public opinion.

Will Meghan concede defeat while she’s ahead?

Judge Warby dealt Meghan a further blow by striking out her accusations that journalists had acted dishonestly and that they were the ones, not her, who had caused the rift between she and estranged father Thomas Markle. According to Meghan the mean media were, “digging up dirt,” to show her in a, “negative light.” In her defense, acting does demand an active imagination.

The lawsuit was brought against Associated Newspapers for printing bits of a letter Meghan wrote to her dad in August 2018.

What does this mean for Meghan’s case?

Mark Stephens, a partner at Howard Kennedy, told MailOnline, “For Meghan this judgment is like a train ploughing into a petrol tanker on a level crossing. It is a complete disaster.”

“She’s been humiliated today. Every complaint by Associated Newspapers has been completely and utterly vindicated by the judge.”

According to Stephens, senior lawyers in London who reviewed the claim concluded, “there was no chance of her winning,” and she was, “poorly advised” or had simply discarded warnings so that she could have her day in court.

Adding insult to injury perhaps, Stephens thinks Meghan’s best bet is to settle and walk away. “If it goes to trial the evidence of Meghan and her father Thomas about the letter and their rift would be examined under oath. If she is going to be humiliated in person there will be no worse outcome for her.”

Meghan could have a large legal bill if she persists

Associated Newspapers will reportedly ask Meghan to pay their costs after the couple refused their offer to address the issue out of court. Add to this the sum of £60,000-plus that Meghan herself has reportedly incurred.  Today’s ruling is a preliminary step to a full trial.

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