General Hospital Spoilers: Tristan Rogers Talks COVID-19 Quarantine and GH Storylines

The coronavirus is probably one of the most unexpected and unpredicted pandemics of all time. It is affecting so much of our plans and so many persons worldwide. The soap world is being affected in several different ways as the actors are not recording any new material due to their shows taking a break from production. So, what does this mean for our favorite daytime soap operas?

GH Spoilers: The Soap World Is Being Affected In Several Different Ways As The Actors Are Not Recording Any New Material

Rumors have it that the stay at home order has been extended which means our soaps may not resume production until much later than predicted. This now affects the soaps in so many ways as the airing of new materials may be pushed back to allow some time for the resumption of duties.

In fact, the shows have already come up with a solution to stretch out the airing of new episodes. So far, The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless are airing encore episodes each Friday which means we a have a four-day (new episode) soap week unlike in the past. Currently, with their far ahead shooting schedule, Days of Our Lives is the only soap airing new episodes on Fridays.

General Hospital Spoilers: Tristan Rogers, A Beloved Soap Actor Took To Twitter To Share His Thoughts On The Pandemic

Tristan Rogers, a beloved soap actor took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the pandemic. He informed his follows that the virus has changed everything and some storylines may be left unresolved and the end result may remain unknown.

In his tweet to his followers, he wrote, “The virus factor has changed everything. What’s now going to happen is up in the air. SL’s that had an ending or a development are now unknown. It will work out but not till we get thru this.”

GH Spoilers: Rogers Currently Recurs On ABC’s General Hospital As Robert Scorpio

The ratings for the different soaps may have increased as a result of the stay at home order, given that persons are not venturing out to their usual place of employment or schooling. Rogers currently recurs on ABC’s General Hospital as Robert Scorpio. He also has another soap gig to his list of acting credits where he also recurs on The Young and the Restless as Colin Atkinson from time to time.

Given his Twitter post we are speculating that stories that had an ending in the scripts may not have an ending or a resolve on air due to the factors relating to the current virus pandemic. Please stay tuned for updates on the soaps and your favorite actors.

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