Eastenders Spoilers: Will Stuart Highway Deceive Rainie Branning With Max Branning?

Eastenders Spoilers: Will Stuart Highway Deceive Rainie Branning With Max Branning?BBC EastEnders spoilers tease that Max Branning (Jake Wood) could be about to come between Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) and Rainie Branning (Tanya Franks) if the rumor is correct. These two have enjoyed their time in town with baby Abi but will a rude awakening destroy their happiness?

Max said that he was fine with their marriage but it could down to his granddaughter’s welfare if he changes his mind.

EastEnders spoilers – Will Max change his mind once again?

A while back poor Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald) died as a result of trying to keep Max from jumping off the roof of the Queen Vic and killing himself.

Before she died her baby was delivered and Max decided to name her after his own daughter. The baby’s father, Stuart, left Walford to grieve and when he came back he was with Rainie. But their union was intended only to convince social services that they were a good choice for raising the baby. It worked and they are in a strictly platonic relationship.

They have been good parents but Max wasn’t on board. He refused to give Rainie a divorce saying he thought Stuart wasn’t a good influence for Abi.

EastEnders spoilers – Max Branning can’t stop being the bad guy

Later he reversed himself saying he had a change of heart but is he up to his old tricks? Express.co.uk interviewed family law lawyer Sarah Jane Lenihan and she said, “Child arrangements following a divorce are not dealt with as part of a divorce. The ideal situation is that the parties can reach an agreement between them but in the event, they cannot a separate children application (in addition to the divorce) would need to be sent to the court.”

EastEnders spoilers – A family law lawyer has clarified what may go down for Abi

She added about the BBC sudser couple, “If Max and Rainie were able to reach an agreement between them, there would be no need for this to be approved or formalized by the court. Some parents will enter into an informal parenting agreement between them to help keep a record of the arrangements between them but this is not legally binding.

“It may, however, be in this case if there is not a current court order providing Max and Rainie with parental responsibility for Abi that this may need to be obtained from the court in order to allow them the right to make important decisions in Abi’s life.”

It is a possibility that Max would say he would let Rainie take care of Abi but should Stuart trust him? And is Stuart willing to betray Rainie with Max to get his own way?

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