EastEnders Spoilers: Sharon Watts May Want Baby Kayden Back – What You Need To Know!

EastEnders Spoilers: Sharon Watts May Want Baby Kayden Back - What You Need To Know!EastEnders spoilers hint that Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) will be making her way back to Albert Square in upcoming episodes. As viewers know, Sharon recently left Albert Square as she was still processing the loss of her son. Viewers and characters alike knew that this would not be a forever thing, but it may be a surprise for characters when she shows up with no word. Viewers may also be surprised by the sudden appearance of Sharon.

EastEnders Spoilers- Sharon Comes Back

Sharon has left a lot behind in order to try and process her emotions, but this also means that she has a lot to come back to, including her relationship with Phil (Steve McFadden), who had come back into town for the funeral of their son. However, after coming back to Albert Square, he and Sharon decided to reunite with one another, but this was cut short when she left town. However, with her returning, they may be able to pick up right where they left off. Not to mention that he is trying to get the Queen Vic for the two of them.

EastEnders Spoilers- Sharon, Phil, and Kayden

Things may be more difficult for Sharon, who will be coming back to Albert Square sooner than expected, as she will begin to struggle with getting adjusted back into her old life. This will push her to go see Linda, and it seems that they will be talking about her relationship with Phil. It seems that Sharon wants to give her relationship with Phil anther go but will Linda (Kellie Bright) tell Sharon that Phil feels the same way? This may be the case as Linda will at least give Sharon and Phil her blessing when it comes to buying the Queen Vic.

This will not be the only thing going on as Sharon will have a scene with Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) as well. While with Linda she bumps into Karen and freaks out casing Linda to get Sharon to help her pack upstairs however she bumps into some of Denny’s things. This leads Sharon to wonder if she really made the right decision giving up Kayden.

Trying to distract herself, she decided to drop off baby items to Karen but is left with Kayden. When Karen returns home, she finds Sharon sleeping with the baby and she lets Sharon know that it is never to late for her to take Kayden home with her. Watch EastEnders from Monday and Friday at 8 pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30 pm on BBC One to find out what happens next

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